LF: CLYW Peak FT: Canvas and Cheif

I’m looking for a CLYW Peak. I’m am looking for the following colourways.
#1. OG Peak. For any of the owners of the OG peak, I don’t care what condition it is in, just no polished rims or anything like that. I will offer well, cash and a trade.
#2 Levi painted peak. For this, i’m looking for a mint to almost mint condition, but a few paint chips are expected. For this, cash and a trade.
#3 1st run 28s stories peak. I’m looking for close to mint, to mint.
#4 2nd run 28s peak. Close to mint to mint please, not looking for your beaters.
Those are all the colourways i’m looking for right now, Thanks.

I have for trade for a peak:
CLYW Astroid cheif. Mint with box Traded!
CLYW Donut Hurdles Canvas, close to mint with box
Deal sweeteners are OD 54 Mint with box, Dark Magic 2 Mint with box

Pictures of the canvas, i’ll get pictures up on the chief, 54, and dark magic Saturday Morning.

Bump OG Peak Owners wishing to sell pm me!