Show off your CLYW Peak

Peaks are very sought after return tops/yoyos in the community. Share pictures of your Peak!

Peak memes FTW

Fools gold Peak, … now it looks like ^^^^^ … jason wong ANO’d and as close as mint as you can get these nowadays … I think :o

I would part with it for the right price HAHAHHAHAHA

Why did you make this thread?honestly it hurts to see the things that I can’t have. At least I get to look at them.

Btw Jasonwongzero had like 20 I think.

Jason Wong has over 30 :o I think 4 of which are Levi Painted. Ive never even played a Peak :frowning:

Just for you:

The Works:


I know he made a bunch but they were all different color ways right?

Only have one left, but I love it ;D
Peak par zombieyo, sur Flickr

Lovely peak reef yo! I have my eye on that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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And thanks for sharing the photo of that loaded one Nivo!


Just showing off your work ;D

So there’s never any green Peaks from the final run up for sale, and I’ve been looking. Well I’ve had this FG 2nd run Peak that plays fantastic and it’s been an ugly duckling, but not anymore!..

Now this Peak’s got the looks to match it’s play.

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2nd run Wintergreen

1st run painted.

*note, the first run is NOT Levi painted. It was originally factory raw, then painted by Brett Grimes in honor of the Levi painted peaks. The mountain was not added so that it would not be mistook as a Levi painted. Still a beast first run though. :smiley:

Beezy that is a beautiful ano job.

So what’s makes the Levi painted peaks different? I mean other than the fact that it is good looking.

More pics

I wish i could play a peak. :frowning:

I have mine for sale right now. Taking bids until tomorrow at 8pm Mountain Time.

Who has the Peak that was bead blasted and nickel plated with the mountain raw/nickel plated. Anybody remember that one? I really liked that one I would buy it if whoever has it would sell it. God Bless - Moefv

P.S. Reefyo will you ever sell your Peak?

Wait so its nickel played. And everything else is blasted except for the mountain. That is awesome.