Rare CLYW Colorways?


Hey Guys,

I just recently bought a 28 stories Chief which is awesome! I’m not super familiar with CLYW so I was wondering what are the rarest colorways for their yoyos? If you could post pictures of them also that’d be great.

Lastly, what’s your favorite colorway?



OG Levi Painted Peak. Royal Bison Peak and BvM. Grizzlybear Clown Town. Maple Drip… They’ve had so many small runs of different colorways.


Shark vs. Zombie Beaver.

Black Bip Bop.


The test ano and test paint Peaks are likely the rarest out there.


Should we be discussing “official CLYW” colorways only, or at the very least, work done through/for CLYW directly? It would make the most sense.

I have the “The Works” 1 of 1 Peak(2nd Peak). This isn’t an official CLYW colorway though. In my opinion, it doesn’t count for this discussion.

(Alex Fairhurst) #6



This is what I was hoping for ;D


That’s not rare at all. YYN had like 200+ of those.


True story. It is a BA colorway though.


The Bip Bop colorway is pretty rare.