Is the Delirium Dive colorway from CLYW rare?

I was curious about colorways of CLYW and particularly the Delirium Dive colorway. I got an H5xChief in this colorway, and I have only seen one other one that belonged to LinksLegionare. I attached a picture to help out.

Generally speaking Chris does these in either 10-30 run segments… If a particular colorway is very popular than you may see more runs… Sometimes he will do less of a run in “special” colorways like Black Bip Bop… This particular colorway is not as rare as others…

It’s 1 of 20

Not to thread jack, but does anyone know how rare a 28 Stories Wooly Marmot would be?

I was wondering the same thing lol I just got a mint 28 stories wooly marmot

I am pretty sure there were at LEAST 2 runs of the 28 Stories WM… I may be wrong though…

28 stories marmots were released in the 1st and 3 rd runs.

Technically speaking, every yoyo pumped out by these boutique manufacturers is ‘rare’. Personally I would prefer it if they didn’t tell us how many were in each run. A LOT of yoyos (run/color) are a ‘1 of <100’.

For the most part, I don’t think exclusivity should be something that determines a yoyo’s worth unless we’re talking about Ti Walkers, 1st run Peaks, and the like. I’ve never cared for how many of a particular yoyo were made, I just want one in colors I like that plays decently.

I wouldn’t say DD itself is very rare. I’ve had a Chief, H5xChief, and Ava in that colorway. Remember, ‘rareness’ is just a part of the value of a yoyo. If the color isn’t appealing, it won’t be worth as much as a similar yoyo in a different color.

Wrong. First run was Hulk Smash and Pink/Purple Wash. Also Grey with Purple/Clear splash, and Solid red, engraved ones being sold in the CLYW store.

Pretty sure the DD had the same number made as all the other clyw colorways minus the BBB