Peak bearing...

Ughh. My peak bearing is hella responsive. Like tug responsive. No grinds, no binds. I cleaned it with paint thinner, and thin lubed it. Whatido?

Paint Thinner - and lube? Uh oh.

You probably killed/messed it up.

Your best bet is to buy a new one.


soak it in mineral spirits, it should be fine

You didn’t kill it, paint thinner should be fine. You probably just put too much lube in it afterwards. No more than a small drop is needed. If you put too much lube you just negate the effect of the cleaning.

Clean it again, in mineral spirits(paint thinner,…) or lighter fluid, and put a tiny amount of lube in it after you spin it dry. That should do the trick and make it unresponsive and not too loud.

Also, make sure you dry it completely. If there is any excess mineral spirits left in there, it will stop the balls from spinning, so it will be responsive.