resposivie barring

im tryin to clean my barring and for some reason its still resposivie cause when i first got it it was resopnsive and then i cleaned it and still responsive dont know whts wrong iv tryed thin lube and that didnt work

Try soaking the bearing for a longer period of time than you did before. Also, did you deshield it? Because that could impeded the fluid from getting into the balls.

yes i did desheild it and ill try letting it sit longer in the mineral spirits thank you

I would also thin lube it after.

Make sure it spins freely after you take it out of the thinner.
when it is dry, take a pin and just put a tiny dot of thin lube on one of the balls. Remember, the more lube you use, the more responsive the bearing will be.

ive tried all that and its still responsive

What yoyo are you using?

im haveing this exact same problem. what could be the case??? ???

im useing YYF skyline

When you took it out of the thinner, could it spin easily before you put it in back in the yoyo?
Did you check to make sure there is no obstruction (lint, hair, sand etc) in the bearing?
Also, you put the yoyo back together before putting the string on it, right?

it still had resistance on spinning when i took it out and i dont see anything in the baring but i can try air dusting it if thats a good idea

yeah, I usually do that myself after I let it sit in the thinner (I use Zippo fluid) for about 15 minutes. every 5 min or so, I take it out and spin it left and right a couple of times to make sure the fluid is getting behind the bearing cage, the resubmerge it. Computer duster will work fine. I kinda aim it at a 45 deg angle so it spins the bearing as it dries. Let me know if it works. If not, can you post a close up pic of the bearing?

ill try that and if it doesnt work ill post a pic

Also, I usually just let my bearings soak 'til I need 'em. Works for me.

Maybe it’s not the bearing, maybe you need new K-Pads. Or just buy a new bearing.

Maybe it’s not the bearing, maybe you need new K-Pads. Or just buy a new bearing.