PC master race thread


Do we show thou love to lord Gaben?
Art thou has superior graphics and frame rate than say console peasants.

Jk though I love PC gameing and I wonder if YYE have some PC gamers.


Me I just really started. And I am massively obsessed with dota 2.


I primarily game on pc mostly grand strategy with some simulation racing and indie games thrown in for good measure.

(WildCat23) #4

I’m just starting. Sadly though, I won’t be able to do much until I build my PC. Basically, the limit to what I can play is console ports at the moment. I do prefer it though, because of the general lack of whiny and ignorant 9 year-olds playing M-rated games over wi-fi. Also, the controls, graphics, game-play and frame-rate are madly superior.


I have a gaming laptop and 99% of what I spend my time playing barely touches it’s power. So don’t fret unless you play all AAA games then there are so many options for varying computers out there. Graphics are not why I game on pc I game on pc because it’s unique input system allows for more complex ui’s for strategy and simulation games, plus mods gotta love mods. Also the all the awesome indies Kerbal Space Program anyone. I can’t imagine cramming any of paradoxes games on a council not because of graphics or computing limitations but it would be impossible to play all their awesome games without a mouse and keyboard even though you mainly just use the mouse on the Grand strategy games. Also PC dev costs are significantly lower allowing a lower barrier of entry to release a devs first game. All this plus some of the best sales in gaming equals pc gaming being my primary gaming platform. I just keep my ps3 around for Gran Turismo 6

(mint) #6

Just Built my gaming PC.

Cant stop playing War Thunder.


Anybody play fallout new Vegas? I had alots of mods ie he textures and other awesome stuff,

So what is your guys gaben shrine stats?


Steam stats: 128 games


Most of what I play isn’t through steam, and I used to play most games on consoles up until about a year ago, so my steam library is pretty lacking at only 14 games.

Anyone interested in sharing their rigs?
I used to use a pretty underpowered laptop, but built my desktop around black friday/christmas sales last year. this is what I’m using
2 gig HD 7850
8 gigs ripjaws x ram
i3 3220 (hoping to upgrade to an i5 3570k soon)
650w PSU
CM Storm Enforcer Case
b75 mobo
basic r/w drive
pretty cool nzxt card reader
750gig sshd (only have 50 gigs left :’()
Stock cooling, as I haven’t OC’d anything yet, so no need to get anything better.

For peripherals, I have
Razer Naga hex
Razer Lycosa
Razer Vespula
24" 1920x1200 monitor
sony mdr xb700s
Snowball mic
No speakers yet

Also have a g27 wheel for racing sims, and an xbox controller that I rarely use, because kb+m is master race.

(JonasK) #10

Pretty big PC gamer myself. Playing mostly Dota 2. Currently spending my time in Sweden with a lot of good friends playing Dota 2 and most importantly watching The International 2013, one of the biggest eSports events ever.


what sims do you play I play GSC 2012 the F1 games and GT legends and r factor 1


For us dota players and Yoyoers two of the biggest competitions are going in now.

(JonasK) #13

Which means that me, as a european is dealing with a heavily shifted sleep schedule.


I mainly just play gt5. I’ve played the demo for f1 2012 and was thinking about buying it, since it’s only $10 this weekend. I’ve also tried iracing, but wasn’t a big fan.
Also not really a sim, but I play real racing 3 sometimes on my ipad.


TF2 and on the Xbox Crackdown