Any PC gamers on here?

Just wondering if there’s any pc gamers here. I was a big pc gamer until I recently moved and went like 2 weeks without Internet other than phone data and I lost interest in it. I’ve since got back into throwing and from lurking around on here I’ve noticed how much gamer/streamer culture is in my vocab because I’ll type something out and realize “I don’t think most people will know what I’m talking about”. Any gamers here? If so what do you like to play?


Xbox my dude

:mask: pc master race


PC gamer here! I’m currently playing a lot of Rocket League, though. Go figure.

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I never got into rocket league I have a friend who plays comp and I think he’s decently high up I don’t remember how the rank system it worked. I was mainly a fps and br guy

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Also platform fighters but there aren’t that many. Anything that isn’t smash is generally views as a clone. But one is currently blowing up tho

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Nice! I’ve put an embarrassing amount of hours into Fortnite and just started playing some PUBG. Used to play only COD back in early highschool.

have a gaming PC, don’t game much though… no friends to play with :joy: warframe has always been and will always be my favourite game, followed by dark souls 1, 2, and 3.

Couldn’t get into fortnite. Don’t like 3rd person didn’t like how it looked didn’t like the building. Played basically every other br though except blackout and firestorm


I’ve been phasing out of gaming on my rig (Ryzen 2400g) into yoyoing, but getting back in lol. I play on a hotspot so my connection gets sketchy occasionally, but it works for the most part.

I mostly play Overwatch ever since I realized that Paladins is a turd. I’m not that good (silver), but it’s fun.

My tag is SpyseaRice#1401 is anyone else is up to group with me :video_game:


Paladins is a good goof off game when you are burnt out. Same with over watch. That’s what I used them as at least :grimacing:

Elite Dangerous. PC with a Hotas.

SWITCH, fool, all day err day

Where my MARIO Maker’s at?


PC and Nintendo 3ds owner here. Play risk of rain 2 and occasionally rainbow six seige. When I am on my 3ds, I mostly play pokemon.

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I want a switch just for smash

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Checking in.

Recently re-bought Destiny 2 for PC and have been grinding that with my buds. I also enjoy For Honor (though no one to play with) and Fortnite gets thrown in the mix when the staleness wears off for a bit.

Mainly a pvp guy so all I really have to look forward to this year is MCC for PC :frowning:

Played alot of destiny 2 was a pvp main. Alot of good things happening soon with it

It’s in a great place right now and Y3 looks extremely promising.

Play a bit of PoE and D3. We use the xbox one for everything other than gaming and occasionally I’ll turn on the Pandora’s Box for some old school arcade fun.

Another Destiny 2 PC player checking in. Mad keen for the coming updates

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