PC Gamers

Anyone here plays games mostly on the PC? I have recently picked up Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and loving it so far. Well how about let’s list the games that we actively play on here so another person may connect to you if they play that game as well.

My game list,

Rainbow Six Siege (Very active on this game)
Conquer Online (Inactive, but willing to re-active)
Anarchy Online (Inactive, but willing to re-active)

All day. How long have you been gaming?

Since I can remember, when I was 5.

there was a pc gamers master race but that thread has pretty much died.
I play quite a bit with my main games being tf2, csgo, and the division, but if i’ll play almost any game if i currently have it.

steam name is Mr.Lactose

OpenSpades every day.

Recently got back in to Elder Scrolls Online, if any of y’all play it, let me know!

I really want to get into PC gaming! Sadly that’s not going to happen until I’m able to start working in a year or two. I want to get the satisfaction of saying “I built my PC” I like knowing what I’m running and numbers, performance, etc… Getting to know the nitty gritty details of my build is super appealing to me. I’m also a big First Person Shooter fan and PC really compliments that. I do have my own computer but it’s a Dell Studio One. It’s pretty old and doesn’t have that much power. I know PC gaming is about having all the high end stuff when you start but with what I’m running it’s just not viable for how I want to experience my games. Currently stuck on the PS4 which isn’t bad but the drive I have for PC man…

It is SO worth it to get into PC Gaming. I’ve got a nice build that I absolutely love, and I’m probably gonna upgrade to the new NVidia GTX 1080 once MSI makes a cooler for it. An absolutely great resource for any and all questions about it is PCPartPicker.com (You can find me there as well, “Fuzzw4d”.)

I love playing Rocket League on Steam

I’d love to get into PC gaming but I’m not sure where to start. Somebody help me? ???

^It depends on what you like and your rigs. If you have good computers there will be a lot to play, if not, stay with older games and probably new indie/small 2d games.
Try GTA V if your computer can handle it, it’s like a lot of genre shoved into one game, you can do everything from shooting, driving around the insanely huge map, riding bikes, flying helicopters/planes, get on a train and just go wherever it takes you, taking photos, all to doing yoga and even watch tv. And that is before modding.

I play GTA V, Richard Burns Rally, Dirt Rally, Spintires, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Dead or Alive 5, Car mechanics simulator, GTR2, and some.

I’m a total noob when it comes to computer builds and numbers. I was planning on getting a laptop: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Laptop-Notebook-PC-Windows-10-Intel-Core-Duo-2GB-14-1-Screen-HD-DVD-Win-10-32-/151995563723?hash=item2363a43ecb:g:PUMAAOSw~OVWz6mY

Is this a pretty decent choice or do i have to go for higher end pc’s?

Definitely need higher than that if you wanna run GTA V. Since this is a laptop don’t worry much about the processor, you’ll need to see the graphic card. Look for at least nvidia 610M or higher number (like 630M etc which will be better). I’d say these start probably around $300.

So can I get this laptop and get a graphics card separate and put it in?

In laptops, the processor and graphics are usually not upgradable.

Got a full time job this summer and built a gaming computer. Aside from single players games on steam (bioshock, bioshock infinite, skyrim, undertale) I play mostly LoL and Overwatch