Pay it forward silenus

The top yoyo silenus has my favorite shape on any yoyo I’ve ever played


I really wish they did splashes again, some of them were out of this world.

Example, Borderlands colorway.

Also, I maed dis.


Hey all, wanted to just let you guys know that an emergency pulled me out of town late Thursday night. The Silenus will be safe in the locked parcel box, and I’ll be able to get it either Sunday or Monday. I’ll be sure to post confirmation once I have it.


She arrived safe and sound! They actually brought it right to my door, which was super weird lol.

I’ve only had a few minutes to throw it so far, but WOW! I did not think it’d be that nice! I honestly thought it looked kinda clunky, and too big to be as great as everyone said it was…I already plan on buying one just before my time with it is up so that I never have to be without one ever again :joy:

It’s so smooth, and stable…but also quick and easy to move. We’re going to have a lot of fun together :grin:

I’ll post the tourism pic as soon as I can!


So, it turns out that Grand Blanc doesn’t have much in the way of “tourism,” or “hot spots.” :joy:

So here it is! …in my living room :sweat_smile: But! It’s next to the other two TopYo throws I’ve got: Selene and Colossus VI.

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while, but it’s been busy over here. I’m not sure in which order these released, so I could totally be wrong; but seeing all them lined up like this reminds me of that old evolution poster showing the evolution of humans. Selene becomes Colossus VI, Colossus VI becomes Silenus.

I got the Selene maybe five or six years ago as a Christmas gift, it has a fairly basic design. Nothing flashy, just a straight forward, great performing V shape. It does have some hints of what it would soon become, though. The thicker rims are similar in form, and the size is almost identical. I actually hadn’t played with the Selene in the last year or so, and started again after getting the Silenus. I was interested in comparing the three of them.

I found that I really love all three of them, and they play similarly, but different enough that you can notice. I think I actually prefer the Selene for 1A over the Silenus, but that could mostly just because the big things I’m working on are grinds and finger-spins. The Selene’s finish is just so silky—it’s perfect for that kinda thing. I could finger finger spin and grind with the Silenus, but the complex cup made it difficult, and the finish isn’t as silky. I definitely prefer the feel of the Silenus in my hand, and on catches, though. Those V shapes aren’t the best to hold.

Next I put the Colossus VI, because it’s basically the “missing link” between the Selene and the Silenus. Not quite as intricate and refined as Silenus, nowhere near as straight forward as the Selene. I acquired the Colossus VI recently in a trade, and I was super excited to try it. I love it’s shape and how it feels in my hand. Talon grinds are beautiful on it.

Then I went for a finger spin…that’s when I realized that the cup is lacquered, not blasted. I’m sure that only blasting the catch zone probably helped keep cost down, but the Selene is completely blasted, and retailed for just $5 more. That’s a bummer, and it would be perfect for me, and the stage I’m at, with what I’m trying to learn…if the cup had been blasted.

You can see that the shape is starting to really resemble that of the Silenus though. The rims are beefy and round, the catch zone is open, but still comfortable. It kinda made me think of like, a human (the Selene) transforming into a werewolf (Silenus—perhaps a were-horse :joy:) under a full moon. Welcome to my brain lol.

Finally, the Silenus. I absolutely love how this throw feels in the hand. It has a nice heft to it, but when thrown, it seems to become a bit lighter. Definitely not super light, but some of it’s weight definitely seems to vanish when it’s in motion. I love the splash, the finish is great! Maybe not as silky as some others, but it’s not going to stop you from grinds.

The cup design, I think is a little over my head. The first finger spin I attempted, I actually landed it on the inside rim located just inside the cup, which turned it into this super crazy, wide, rim type finger spin, that I didn’t even know was allowed under the laws of physics :joy: I even got a successful bind, and caught it! Of course, there was absolutely no one around to witness this super-human feat of awesome throwery!

I tried for about two hours to recreate my happy accident, and just managed awkward finger-spins, with the hub chewing up my finger. Le Sigh.

The Silenus’ weight, and weight distribution has been a big help with learning things like Boingy-Boing and Eli Hops. I don’t really know why, but a heavier throw on the string just seems to help. Maybe it’s a confidence thing, combined with more tactile feedback on where it is within a 3D space and on the string. I can do those tricks with the Silenus, but trying them with a lighter throw is a lot harder. Even if it’s just a few grams difference.

Recently, I decided to put a string with a counter-weight on it—that’s when I knew I had to add one to my collection. This throw is by far one of, if not the best for learning 5A. At least for me, and my hands. Even over one designed for 5A, my Throwback Skill Toys Canon. The extra weight has the same effect with me for learning 5A as it does 1A.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t make 5A a cakewalk by any stretch—I still can’t figure out where to put my hand to properly catch the counter-weight, and will have to start padding my wrist to protect that bone by your thumb from continuously getting hit :sweat_smile: But the weight, and feed back that weight provides, along with the shape of the throw are perfect for it.

Anyway, sorry I couldn’t get some cool local pic—not really anything around here. I’m told Farmer John’s stead is pretty lit in the fall, though :joy:.I figured a two week update would be appreciated, though. If I can, I’d love to try to time it where I have one coming to me that I ordered when I send this one back out in two weeks. We’ll see though. In any case, I’m having a blast with it! I’ll be sad to see her go at the end of the month—but she’s a rolling stone.


Alrighty, my time has ended, and it’s time to send Our Lady of Silenus on her way. I’ll post the rules here, so no one has to scroll:

I will send the Silenus on to the next person to post, ”I’ll take it,” here, in this this thread. DM’s don’t count, it needs to be in thread to keep everything fair (Continguous 48 states only, please). You will get this great throw to use and enjoy, completely free, for 30 DAYS (give or take a few).

HOWEVER! By accepting this throw, you also accept the responsibility of creating a similar post at the end of your 30 day period, as well as paying the shipping fees in sending it on to the next person.

A POX UPON WHO SO EVER BREAK-ETH THE CHAIN!! cue evil overlord laughter


I’ll take it.


Perfect timing, good sir! DM me your info and I’ll get it out today.


A year ago I had the privilege of showing this throw around the local county fair! Awesome that it’s still traveling!



The Silenus has arrived.

@SpaceMercKlyde let me know he included some new pads, some Kitty Normal Tall, the orange ball counterweight, and his own homemade d10 counterweight.

Very excited to string it up!


Wow, that was fast!

Nobody panic, I promise there’s still LOTS of string—having a bunch of loose little baggies was driving my OCD up the wall. So, I put all the little baggies into one BIG baggie. They’re all still individually packaged and labeled. I just couldn’t handle a bunch of small, single bags tossed in, flopping around, and making a mess of my beautiful packing job :joy::sweat_smile:


I’m hoping I can try out a Silenus one day !! It looks like a pretty sweet throw. Btw who here plays kendamas !!! Im a kendama player myself and I have a collection of Krom kendamas on my wall !!! I couldn’t help but notice that krom sticker :sweat_smile:


I keep meaning to do a better update but being busy. Here’s a quick proof of life shot.

Very quick thoughts:

  1. This costs how much? That’s amazing!
  2. I’m so sad they don’t make this splash any more (they don’t make this splash anymore, right?). It’s my jam.

The Silenus has gotten some TLC recently. The pads were getting slippy so I swapped them for a set that @SpaceMercKlyde included, but those basically immediately fell out (probably user error, I’m sure the pads were fine). So I installed flowable silicone instead, which was a first for me. I think it came out pretty well; it’s maybe a bit more snappy than I’d like but I think it’ll break in.

It’s also been a bit loud, so I was going to clean the bearing, but I ran out of acetone, so I have an NSK 10 ball gold plated in there at the moment, and it plays nice.

As I mentioned above, I am a little disappointed I can’t easily acquire one in this colorway (and I just missed one on the BST!), but it actually shares some design features with my Tropic Alien.

The Tropic Alien is kind of like the Silenus’ lankier cousin. They have similar step profiles and inner rim steps but the Tropic Alien is narrower with a bigger catch zone, a little lighter, and softer on the edges. The TA plays a bit faster I think. I might still snap one up if I happen upon one in this colorway, but the truth is that I have too many unresponsives for a primarily responsive player.

I’m really going to try to post some vids tomorrow. We’ll see if it happens.


As promised, a couple vids. I’ve been working on smoothing out Skin the Gerbil and making my 720s more consistent.


Heck yes! Looking great so far. My 720s always turn into at LEAST 1080s due to my ham-handed lack of control, lol.

5A is really hard. I’m following Miguel Correa’s and Josh Yee’s tutorials. They make it look so smooth and easy.

I’m working on one handed windmill which, more than the 720, seems like you just have to “feel out.” I would have tried to catch it on video, but my attic ceiling is a little low for it :grimacing:

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The Krom sticker is one that I tossed in :sweat_smile:. A friend sent me a Krom Pop (maybe a Pop LOL?) so I’d have an idea of what a good beginner one looked, felt and played like so I could hunt for 3 more for the big birthday party skill toy starter set project. He inadvertently gave me a whole new skill toy addiction :joy:.

It’s so awesome to see my counter weight getting used! Seems like a silly thing to get excited over, I admit. It’s still awesome though. I kinda hate how easy you make it look :laughing:. Starting to wonder if I’m maybe getting a little too hung up on ”catching the counter weight in the perfect position,” so I’m thinking I’ll try moving forward a bit. It’s entirely possible the response pads I sent got some lube, or something, on them. That would kill the adhesive pretty effectively.

They seemed dry when I sent them (or else I wouldn’t have) but with how long it’s been since I’ve used pre-made pads, kids, and a difficult time remembering what I had for breakfast…anything is truly possible. Looks like you did a great job with the silicone! Once I learned how to do that, I never looked back. I usually keep a few sets of pre-made pads in my case, of which the blue ones that I sent were the last, for emergencies. But for the most part, pads give out with plenty of warning, giving me time to lay fresh silicone.

Your post about the Tropic Alien has me seriously considering getting one! The colors are great, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the complex cup the Silenus had. Though, I suspect that may have something to do with my skill level. Basic finger spins I can do, but the kind where it’s out on the far rim, or something, are beyond me. Unless done by complete mistake on my first finger spin attempt with the magic of the Pay It Forward Silenus powering the landing!


I’m planning on passing the counterweight on so you may see it again :grinning:

Two things helped me a lot on the 360. Firstly, I keep my eye on the weight and don’t watch the throw at all for basically the last 180° of the weight’s arc. Secondly, I noticed in all the good tutorials they catch the weight with their hand and arm coming across the body whereas I was just going out from the body by default. This increases the size of the catch zone quite a bit. I do a good job showing this on the first 360 in the video above, but not for the rest of the trick.

The Tropic Alien definitely has some similarities, but plays a little faster and lighter. I’m personally not able to fingerspin it; I really need a dimple.

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I feel like my time with the Silenus is just about over. I’ll copy the rules here so you don’t have to scroll:

I will send the Silenus on to the next person to post, ”I’ll take it,” here, in this this thread. DM’s don’t count, it needs to be in thread to keep everything fair (Continguous 48 states only, please). You will get this great throw to use and enjoy, completely free, for 30 DAYS (give or take a few).

HOWEVER! By accepting this throw, you also accept the responsibility of creating a similar post at the end of your 30 day period, as well as paying the shipping fees in sending it on to the next person.