Pay it forward silenus

Interesting that you compare the Silenus to the CLYW Chief. I think most would compare it to the CLYW Orca, me included.

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I only have the Chief to refer to. I was going to compare it to a Shutter, because it’s a good “standard” yoyo, but I found too many common similarities to the Chief that I couldn’t resist.

For me, it’s tough when I read someone’s thoughts on a yoyo and they say “this is floaty.” yea… well floaty compared to a Grail? or floaty compared to a C3 railgun? I want some sort of base to go off of when reading so that I can get that frame of reference to better understand how the yoyo plays. The Chief ended up being that for me in what I wrote. It’s not that it’s more or less similar to a Chief or Orca, it’s just what I have in hand for reference.

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I see, no wonder. When the Silenus was first released some people called it the cheap knockoff version of the CLYW Orca, because it was almost identical. The Orca used to be a fan favourite (for some reason no one mentions the Orca anymore), so it makes sense that the Silenus is also very well received.

Yeah, I get that. A lot of these descriptors we use are always in relation to a nebulous standard, which no one can agree on. That’s why I usually describe yoyos in my reviews in relation to another yoyo, usually the Hummingbird or the Surveillance.

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Ahh, I was kinda out of the scene when Silenus dropped. I just came back into the “buying” scene this year even thought I’ve been throwing for a while now. Orca is a bit out of my preference (Silenus and Chief too) so I don’t really have a lot of throws in this shape or style. Trying to diversify though.

Agreed! I think that having some sort of base ground is definitely necessary when describing a yoyo to someone.


Here are the rules so you don’t have to scroll up the thread:

I’ll send the Silenus to the next person to post “I’ll take it” here in this thread! (DMs don’t count, it’s gotta be posted in the thread to keep everything fair.) Contiguous 48 U.S. states only please.

HOWEVER, by accepting the yoyo, you are only allowed to keep it for about a month and then will be responsible for posting a post similar to this one, in this thread, and also for shipping the Silenus on to it’s next destination.

So let’s get the next stage of the Silenus’s travel rolling! An eternal curse on the player who breaks the chain


I’ll take it!


I’ve got it safe and sound.


So many types of string in here! I don’t want to be greedy, but I also want to try all of them! I’ve literally been looking at several of these and considering buying, so I appreciate everyone’s generosity.


Glad it made it there safe and sound. Felt the same way about the strings so I made sure to add in more than what I used.

Hope you enjoy!