SOLD! Tiss Hummingbird

Cant believe I am going to let this go, but I have a rule that I keep my collection small and get rid of anything I dont play daily, and I just havent been rocking this one lately.
One of the best throws ive ever played. You really couldnt want it to be any smoother. Comes with the box and goodies, but does not have the full ceramic bearing.
I found a mark that looks like an anno spot that got missed. in the pic. I dont remember it hitting anything, but lets just call it near mint. This thing is meant to be played, so if you are really into super mint, shelf queens, I would hate to disappoint you.
They only made 20, and they went for $600. Id like to get as close to that as possible. I will leave it up for a few days and sell to whoever gets the closest.

Highest offer is $530


wow $600 thats practically worth 7.5x more than my entire yoyo collection :rofl: :joy:


Dizzo nooooo dont do it !! That’s the devil talking :smiling_imp:


What a beauty

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We hit the number i was hoping for, so…
Last call at $530

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