Paul Han binding?

does ennyone know enny tutorial for the cool bindings paul han does?? either the one over the gead (with a slack) or where he makes a slack and holds it into his leg. i have tryed, but i don’t understand how to get them work!! nice if someone could help! ;D

Well, first you have to have an unresponsive yo-yo with tight binds (you have to make sure the binds are tight to make it work best). Then, you pop the yo-yo up and do a finger grind. While you do a finger grind, you will notice there is slack. What you do is lift up your leg (I recommend practicing it with your leg first) and hit the slack with your leg. You kind of have to aim the slack into the gap of the yo-yo. The slack should fall into the gap of the yo-yo once you hit it with your leg, and the yo-yo should bind back. I might post a video of me doing it soon. Good luck! ;D

yeah you pretty much do a finger grind and drop the yoyo into the slack to bind it,
i recommend practicing with your hand first, pushing the slack up so that when the yoyo drops it falls in, then practicing with pulling the slack along your leg and doing the same thing

ok. thanks to both of you i am close to get it, but the bind isn’t so good yet :slight_smile:

but you’re throing side throw, right? not front throw? i don’t get he binds right and ready for a new throw :-\

Thanks for posting this topic because it got me interested in learning it :wink:

i was too, so i just asked and now i can do it!!! ;D

Glad you can finally do it! And yes, he throws sideways.