Paul Blart in Mall Cops: Picking on Throwers

Ok, so have any of you ever ran into one of those cops, who told you that you can’t yoyo in a mall? Yoyomanente and I were holding our yoyo meet there for Connecticut throwers, and this cop in a pissy moods tells us we can throw there, and then gets the owners on us. Any of you guys ever had a cop tell you this?

Yikes, we’ll, DXL was kicked out of Starbucks. I have been told by guard at the zoo that I could not throw a breakaway…

Hmmmm… I think I must go subscribe to the, check the forum and get the rest of the story. I’m thinking some sort of shenanigans on yoyospirit’s part. ::slight_smile:

;D C’mon, everyone knows they’re not real cops lol I know he was doing his job, but he was being a donkey about it.

I believe that is part of the job description. :wink:

(No offense if any of you happen to be a mall cop.)

Civilization! I’ve heard it exists. :wink:

No mall here. No fast food, no clothing stores, one gas station, no stop lights, one grocery store, no… and no mall cops presumably because there’s no mall. Nope, never had anyone of authority complain about yoyoing. I believe the population is fewer than 500 within the town limits.

On occasion I might be found playing midst the rounded domes of prairie dog towns. They get upset and whistle a lot, get tired of me, and then go about their business. I’m bigger than they are so…they have to just deal with it. Yeah prairie dogs, they get bent out of shape a bit with my yoyoing and would like to run me off.

Eghads…I’m losing it! ;D

Prairie dawgs…
Don’t feed the prairie DAWGS.

nope all That goes by at the closest mall is a giant shooting situation. That and I NEVER go there It’s always crowded and takes forever to find parking.

It’s never happened to me… I have had kids walk by in awe though ;D

The first meet at the yoyo club in chandler mall was canceled because of this. The cop said that the mall mandates that you cant yoyo in it. So me, Tyler, Boyd, and a couple of friends just went to the factory and ordered pizza. It was pretty chill.

I guess I’d need more details, but I don’t see any donkey behavior by asking someone to leave. I also don’t think it is part of a mall cop’s job description to be a donkey. If someone had that opinion, on a serious note anyway, they would be the real donkey.

His job is to keep the mall safe, and help protect the mall from liability. So, it all makes perfect sense to me. If some mall goer gets smacked in the face with a flying yo-yo (even by accident), they might sue the thrower, but they could sue the mall too.

So, from a legal perspective, it makes all the sense in the world. I think some mall owners are more protective of their interests than others, and that’s their right. Some might take the chance and let you have fun, but if I owned the mall, no yo-yoing, and I love yo-yos. That would just be how it is. With all the parks in the world, there are plenty of places to go besides the mall anyway. But, when you ask someone to leave, it might help to say…“please.” Those of you who went to law school know that the request was made for a reason.

I yo-yo at home, so I don’t usually deal with these issues. It keeps things easy. I have my own zone to yo-yo in.

“Mall Cop”?? Skaters prefer to refer to them as “Rent-A-Cops” :smiley:

Jus saying, but it’s not exactly the right weather to be yoyoing outside in CT lol

Well, during the basketball season, I stayed after school and walked to Burger King. I yoyoed there, and one of the employees told me I couldn’t yoyo there. It might be because my friend kept on dinging it when he attempted to bind.

I think a lot of people with little or no job won’t hesitate to make fun of the way someone else makes a living. At least that guy is making an honest living.

On the same forum, there is a thread about people scamming manufacturers for yo-yos, and a traders feedback forum full of people scamming for yo-yos. I think it might be a better example to put a link to a mall cop job application in here.

I bet there are some people on here who could use it. :smiley:

I’m in Boston…and it’s above 30 here lately, so…outside or at home are still a lot of options for me.

Never seen a mall cop do that but I’ve seen someone getting yelled at by someone at a baseball game.

The only time I’ve ever had an issue with skilltoys inside a mall was poi and diabolo with a relatively large smattering of spinners hanging out. Numbers and size usually bring attention from security up a few notches.

Well JHB, the ones around here tend to mind their own business. I’ve seen them chase down a shoplifter once in my entire life, so they seem to just be trying to make a few bucks. I have no problem with a mall cop taking some pride in his work and doing what he is asked to do. Most stand flat footed and answer questions for directions. I find them quite helpful. I hate going to that directory in the mall by the escalators to find stores so they come in handy for directions and things like that. I think it is always a mistake to paint an entire group of people with the same brush. Even if it fits half of them, it’s not fair to the other half. But, to each his own on that one I guess. Now, if I heard they were cursing people out, calling them names, and beating people up in the mall, that would be a different story. None of that mentioned here.

I agree with PatCondon, that sometimes it’s not what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it, or how large the group. A word to the wise is that if you want to yo-yo in the mall, on private property, at least walk to the mall office and ask permission. That way, maybe they can set those velvet rope barriers around you and give you a nice wide “zone” to yo-yo in without other people getting in your way. If not, they will tell you where you can yo-yo that is appropriate. A lot of times, if you make arrangements ahead of time, or ask permission before you start, it avoids conflict. They might even have the mall cop stand by the barriers in case anyone tries to get in your way. If you know that you and your friends want to go there on a Saturday and yo-yo…call ahead.

Things happen in malls all the time event-wise, concerts, signings, but the difference is that the mall is prepared for it. They have adequate security and space set up given the circumstances.

This is a country of frivolous lawsuits, and if not for that, people wouldn’t be as paranoid. There are people who would push their kid into your yo-yo if it might get them a few grand in a suit down the line. It’s really that bad nowadays. I think that mall owner was not prepared for any yo-yo activity, so he/she shut it down. Perhaps call ahead, see if they will make arrangements, and I’d be curious how they would respond better to the request.

I have never had that happen, but I usually do it outside or in my house. I was doing it outside once at my local ice rink and the cop passed by and he actually talked to me about how he used to yoyo before, and that he had a lot of duncan yoyos. So I agree with TA that if you are not doing it in a closed room or in a place where it is crowded with people , then you should be ok. You have to watch out for safety first.