Paul Escolar Interview @ Throw Plaza

Paul Escolar Interview @ Throw Plaza

Hey everyone,
recently I’ve embarked on a new project called Throw Plaza. Throw Plaza is basically going to to be a website that is a yoyo “archive”- an encyclopedia of modern classic tricks providing info on the elements behind them, who invented them, when they were invented, etc. It’s also going to feature interviews with the legendary innovators behind those tricks.

Paul Escolar was kind enough to agree to do an interview for Throw Plaza despite it being in it’s infancy. We discussed tricks, yoyos, art and more. It’s the first of what I hope to be many interviews on my site. I still have more to work on for the site, such as a logo and and more updates. But, I’d appreciate if you’d check out the interview. I think it has some really great info and is a really neat insight into yoyoing!

Seams like a cool idea

Awesome first interview!

Indeed ^^^ very good first interview :wink: really enjoyed it.

Top-notch interview right there.

Great interview! Loved it except at the very end where he says to “avoid trends.” Like he said, its a toy so you have fun and explore.

Who cares if the fun encroaches into the trendy area as well? Blind loyalty to counter culture without reason, for the sake of being counter culture makes no sense. Why should anybody care about what image their yoyoing style and tricks express? Just like music, sometimes I express myself through my own music. Largely I express myself by playing something somebody else wrote. I don’t care who will mock it because my expression is not for them, just like my yoyoing is a means of expression.

Great read! Can’t wait for the next one.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: