Patrick Mitchell is a bad BAD man. O_O"

(Zach Smith) #1

Soooooooo good.


He’s not on yomega anymore… is he?




What a relief.


Umm…What’s wrong with him being on Yomega?

(Kyle V.) #6

Just the very first trick alone was awesome. :01 to :06

(Zach Smith) #7

Yomega, while having some exceptional yoyos is, overall, pretty mediocre. But thats just my, and I think many people’s opinion.


Yomega is cool, I loved them when I first started out but they continually make beginner level yoyos and pretty much only yoyos for 2a.

I want to be able to do grinds and whips with my yoyo, and I want to return it with a bind. That’s why I buy YoYoFactory now.


Exaclty my thoughts, man. right on.


I believe this is one of those fist-pound moments. :stuck_out_tongue:

But to be on topic, if Yomega sold some Yoyos that I might buy them just for nostalgia’s sake. I’m not sure if I want to though after what they did at Worlds… ::slight_smile:




Don’t hate Yomega for the worlds issue. Why hate an enitire yoyo company for a bad desicion by one guy? I can’t think of a reason.

Yomega is awesome. Lots of love. ;D

Back on topic, Patrick Mitchell is the most talented 2a player to date, imo. Btw, I know him, he’s aweome.



thanks jump for making this easier for me


Because it’s more toward how the reacted after worlds than during. But there is absolutely no need to discuss this, as it is OLD news, and it’s off-topic.


Because the “one guy” is the Owner and CEO of the company.

But yes, Pat works for YYF now, is an awesome 2A player, and may be the nicest person in the world.

(Zach Smith) #16

To get back on topic, PATRICK MITCHELL IS AWESOME! Come on, guys lets not keep talking about yomega.