Duncan & yomega

Ok u guys you all agree you heard someone that said “I hate Duncan yoyos” or “screw yomega” honestly I think u guys are just … Ok so I’ll start with yomega 1.they make beginner yoyos that’s y u say the suck 2.just because yomega is known for return yoyos some noob will think they have good yoyos 3… Next is Duncan 1. with out the fillipino dude that came to America and Duncan bought his company THERE WILL BE NO YYF,YYJ, or any company (actually there will be won’t est. By …I don’t know 2010 2.I HVAC actually bought a Duncan but they have good yoyos my cousin is a fan of them and almost have all Duncan yoyos .so my point is don’t say I hate this yoyo company just say I don’t like this yoyo they made and if you don’t like the yoyo they made contact them and say if they can change this thing.
I know this is a long post and if you read it all comment and say what you think about them now

its not a long post.

This has been stated countless times, its nothing new…

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Yup. Usually it’s typed somewhat properly too.

And Yomega doesn’t make -only- beginner yoyos. They have several yoyos that can play with the best of them.


thats thier opinion

hacks through the grammar jungle with a machette

All the cool yoyoing kids hate on the beginner compaines because they are “sooooo not pro like me”. It’s bound to happen.

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We’re not going through this again.