Any paintballers here?

Love it but can’t find any local games in my area. :frowning:

Speedballer right here. I play a lot, in Canada we have a pretty small paintball scene, but I don’t mind traveling a couple hours to play. Vanguard demon is what I shoot till I die

Used to play a lot, had a Tipmann 98 Custom with a flatline barrel, stock, and rigged trigger.

I’ve played it, but airsoft is cheaper. :-\

I’ve always wanted to try… (goes and practices juggling… {inside joke, those who get it, get it})

Not exactly. Especially when you start buying gas powered guns.

And it is cheaper regardless if it is gas or electric.

Paintball is powered by gas, and the ammo is expensive.

Airsoft’s ammo is far cheaper giving you extra money to spend on gas, etc.

I never played gas airsoft

Where I go, Paintball is ultimately cheaper. (Indoor)

I used to. Had a Dye Reflex and Invert Mini, an E-Grip on the Mini, and a couple Carbon Fiber barrels. Down in Texas, there’s a healthy mix of Woodsball and Speedball, so I played both. Ultimately, I switched to airsoft, because it’s a cheaper hobby in general, and I appreciated the increased realism.

I play im a woodsball player i have a 98 custom limited edition its nice but i want a phantom im from ny woodsball is super popular there is a place by me and its like 10 ten in the country its insane there us a castle setting and its super realistic its called high velocity

I like speedball. Used to have a Mini but can’t afford the sport anymore.

I’m talking more about the guns because they can get to be more than $500 and I know that the gas and ammo are cheaper becaus I got a 5000 count of .20 gram for $10 and a thing of green gas for $20. The most expensive gas is Co2 and really it’s not that expensive as long as you have the money for it.

I don’t have the words to describe this.

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Seriously right now? Seriously?

LOL! I was thinking the same thing.

But remember, in comparison, if you have a large income (a lotta dis $$$) it will seem like less money than if you didn’t have money. Numbers always seem bigger/farther away if you can’t reach them :slight_smile:

But in literal terms it doesn’t make much sense :slight_smile:

I have the etek 4 :smiley:

paint balls fun but expensive