Paintball anyone?


Anybody play speedball? woodsball? what marker do u have? and how do u like it?


Used to play. Had an Invert Mini but had to sell it. Too broke to get any new stuff now…


I use to play a couple of years ago. Can’t remember the name of my marker, though. But it was blue! ;D

The course I went to was pretty nice, but the refs ALWAYS favored the try-hard guys that went every day. The balls wouldn’t even break against their full-body suits. And for some reason they were allowed to blind fire and we weren’t…

Fun hobby, but decent paint and CO2 was costly.


Hahahah, Was it a highend paintball marker? I agree, I live up north and the paintball society are always ripping. CO2? are u a woodsball player?


I’ve shot mini’s great starter gun. hahah its never to late to start over.


I will, eventually. I’ve got too much other crap to pay for right now.


I play Airsoft ALL summer for the most part.


hahah big difference between paintball and airsoft.


Oh i paintball im awesome at it


what do you shoot?


Use to back in the day. I have an tipman a5 and a spyder king.

Fun times… But wow it gets expensive!


Airsoft is more about tactics.

Paintball is more fast moving


Hahahah YUP! its hella expensive its like 1200-2000$ for a high end


Potentially, if u play woods ball its involves a lot of tactics


Used to paintball before I moved. My marker was an Ion I think, and my brother had a dangerous power g3. Paintball is really fun. I did woodsball and speedball, both are fun for different reasons. I also airsoft.


Jesus, bro u kickin it old school with the ion, g3 are pretty slick.


I hear bad things about the DP G3 and G4 but I like them. Sweet guns.


YUP! they chop paint really consistently, But its always good to learn from your mistake at the start