Anyone here play? I quit about 3 years ago, for the second time, and Im thinking about getting back in it.

Post pics of your set-up and/or where you play.

I play casually for birthdays, Buck’s nights etc. Always have a blast =)


This was my set-up back then:

No one? I’m looking at a few different guns to pick up. Etek 2, G3, G4… What do you think?

Don’t really know enough to give any useful feedback so I’m just going to say… get the prettiest one?


Haha. I do like pretty!

I use to play, but it was just too expensive to do regularly.

And the refs at the place I use to go to were so dang unfair.

I’m a pump player, though it’s been a few years since I’ve played. I had a converted 2k Autococker and a 13ci tank. The One Ball Wonder. Nothing like gogging some geared up swaggot after his he misses you at a rate of thirty balls per second. It’s called snap shooting. Learn it :slight_smile:

I don’t waste my balls.

It’s the most expensive part of the game. It’s why I went pump in the first place. I could play all day on what some guys waste in one game.

Pump play slows the game down for me. I’ve got to ghostwalk, pick my shots, use my angles, live in my bunkers. Gotta be sneaky, sneaky. You’d be surprised how often you can get the drop on a guy simply by not shooting until you’re fairly certain of a kill. No one can hear you coming.

I’d love to have one of these:

Get a 13ci for $60 on eBay and the money you save on paint will pay for the gun in a year.

We were a couple of friends who tried to get starting. Though the cost of a 300 bar compressor was waaay to high for us back then. Nor did we find a place we could use with permission.
I started up with a A5, and got a SP Shocker (older version, non-NXT) later before i sold everything.
The Shocker was a great marker by my standards that weren’t that high. A buddy had an Invert Mini which impressed me huge.

Yea, I think it’s funny people just start sprayin’ non-stop. Paint is expensive for sure…

There is one nice place pretty close-by me so I really don’t have too much of an excuse to not go.

I really miss my Invert Mini. That’s it pictured up there… I actually sold all of that to a guy on YYN.