Take these off my hands (CLYW, One Drop, YYJ, YYF)


I havent used any of these in months and would rather have cash to put towards bills and other hobbies. Willing to give discounts on multiples however I am trying to keep prices low so i can move these, so discounts may not be huge.

Next is mu yuuksta
Also mint
Price:30 plus fees
Trades:None unless its high end paintball equipment

Next up I have 2 YYF 2.0’s
One is mint the other has a few small marks
Price: 30+fees each
Trades:None unless its high end paintball equipment

Lastly is my YYJ eneme
Mint, but again no box
Price: 40 plus fees
Trades: Non unless its high end paintball equipment


would you possibly take 74 bucks for the AC?


I would need more than that after shipping and paypal fees. Code 2 and chief sold and removed from post


bump!! Lets get these sold!!


bump, need these sold!!


Interested n Vforce Grills? By chance do you live in SD?


yes, and no. Pm’d!


Please take these from me!!

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What exactly are you looking for paintball wise?


75 and fees for artic circle?


Hey man. Send me an email here cj_viado@yahoo.com
Im really interested at that AC.


AC sold and removed from post

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