Pacquiao Hubstacked?

I have a Werrd Pacquiao and I heard it can be hubstacked. I emailed Werrd but got no answer on getting some Jimmy hats soooo I ordered a Hubstack kit and some Z-stacks. Will this work? in theory there should be no problem I put an A-bearing in it and it seems like the same size and that it will work, my only worry and why I bought Z-stacks is that the spike at the end of the Pacquiao might stick out on regular stacks. I think they put spikes on there to deter people from doing this and poke you for not using Jimmy hats. Has anyone had experience with this mod? will it work? I will try to post pictures when I put it together and let you know how it turns out. Or go to the hospital because of fatal poking :smiley:

it’ll work just fine, jimmy hats and z stacks are the same height. And I just tried it on mine.
the z stacks actually fit really nicely. I’d upload a picture, but my camera is hard to get to right now.

And jimmy hats are quite rare, so I don’t think you’ll be able to get a pair unless you go to some type of a werrd booth. They were selling them at worlds, got myself two pairs :slight_smile:
But even the dude at the booth was saying how rare they are, so it would be really hard to find them after.

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Thanks, Yea thats why I ordered the kits from YYE, I gave up on the Jimmy hat thing a long time ago, Werrd is kinda hot and cold on their release activity. I wanted to do this hubstack thing because I like the color and how smooth the yoyo is, but when I got it it was lighter then I thought it would be so it is kinda gathering dust right now so I want to put some stacks on for fun and to get a little weight on it.

Ahh, gotcha. Yeah, it’s amazingly light. I like it though. lol
oh and stacks will add a little vibe. not too much, though. just thought I’d throw that out there. Have fun with your pacquiao :slight_smile: