Hulk Smash puny Z-Stacks!!!!!!

Painted these up today and i really like them they came out better than i expected. I put duncan spacers in the top holes to prevent paint from getting on the interior and affecting the fit of the bearing, and covered up the bottom with tape. HULK SMASH!!!

only if the peak and hubstacks

Those are nasty! The paint looks a little rough, but let me know how they play!

thats the primer, it fuzzed up while it was drying due to high humidity but it might give a better grip.
i still have to put on a few clear coats otherwise the paint would rub off

They look cool, it kinda sucks that you cant put them on a CLYW…

yes yes you can if you mod them

Wow nice. Looks great.

You can!..If you’re Jeffrey Pang, that is. ;D

Thats a yoyo?

Nope, it’s Z-stacks, read the title.

Addment: Z-stacks are hubstacks that are ebigger and easier to grab.