YYF PGM big hubstacks

Hi guys!

I’m trying to find some info about this but no luck yet. Did anyone tryed to fit big hubstacks on Plastic Gring Machine?


if you mean z stacks i heard that they do fit but its a very very very tight fit.

Yes, I meant Z Stacks. :wink:

So it means it might affect spinning?

More like the spinning of the stacks not of the yoyo. Not sure about that

They do fit, i took a picture of them on mine.

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Ok so they are not tight, you can put z-stacks on but they hang out and the string raps around it and tangles it up. When I did it it was a little heavier but that just means longer spin times.

The Z-stacks are a little slower.

Ok guys, thank you very much for your help.

modman10, that’s a really nice YY, I’m trying to get it with that color. :smiley: