z stacks on a grind machine?

can you do it? cus used to have a g5 and the z stacks are teh only hubstacks i can grab haha

Are you using a plastic grind machine or metal?
If metal then yes it will probably work but to be sure just put the stack against the yoyo and see if it looks like it will fit. But if you are using a plastic gring machine then sorry but I do not think that will work. Simply because the weight rings are in the way and it doesnt have normal stack setup to begin with.

Grind Machine 2 [Genesis’s Brother] will work.
The PGM Might not work , Unless you modify it.
Modifying it would take some work.
How you would find out if it works is if you have some yoyo’s you would like to Z-Stack , put the Z-stack over the yoyo first , if it fits almost it should work.
I’ve seen Z-Stack’s on throws you would never believe , I saw it on Lyn Fury’s , Protostar[Insane].
Etc Etc.

Z-stacks will fit on a Plastic Grind machine. The problem is that they will cause it to vibe so much that the PGM will be unplayable.

oh darn =( thats so sad i was gonna use it as my infinite possibility 5a yoyo :cry: