Packaging Idea

I’m thinking about using this for padding in yoyo boxes instead of the bag I use.

Not sure if customs will hate this or not, but I like the idea.


Will it smell good? Because yes.

Oh it will smell great! Just don’t smell too hard if it’s purpleheart, you might bring up your lunch.

Also, it won’t work with wenge. I don’t want to send shavings around the globe that can affect people’s central nervous system.

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I like the idea! It’s recyclable (I assume) the bags are rad but I’ve got a bunch lol

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Seems like a ‘them’ problem.

this idea is awesome!

:rofl: (four characters)

Probably a better idea to just use toilet paper.

That way you’re guaranteed that there will be something in the package that they can use and like.


Whoa! That’s harsh, Doc… :slightly_frowning_face:


My suggestion is to make sure buyer expects the shavings. I wouldn’t want to be dealing with the wrath of my wife if I dumped a box of wood shavings all over the place (more, I wouldn’t want to listen to her laughter when it happened - she would find great humor in it)


The shavings would be like any packaging padding. They will only go everywhere if you intentionally pour them out everywhere.

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That works. I was envisioning something like the glitter bombs to discourage package thieves that were all over the web a year or two ago. (Although j think those were mostly staged to drive video hits)

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Cat approved.

This will make for a fun mess to vacuum!

Just kidding Glen…

I guess that is more of a Southern California joke.

In my neighborhood, any garage full of toilet paper is listed in Travel Guides as a Place of Interest.

6 months ago, if you asked somebody, ‘What would you rather have; a dollar or a roll of toilet paper’? Give me da buk.

If you walked up to somebody today with a roll of TP in one hand and a dollar bill in the other. And you asked somebody, ‘Just take the one you need and run away’.

Well, at least you would still be holding a dollar.



Yoyo llama has done a similar thing with their delrin throw:

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i’d expect your wife to get mad at you, but the fact that she’d just laugh, brings me much joy.




but fun. :joy:

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tell that to your mom as she’s cleaning that up after you @peytoncali11


but think of it! simply replace that with the toilet paper in your household… you can connect the rest of the dots. :joy::wink: