Ozara and Kozara


So I want to get into kendama, and am probably getting a yomega pro model from a local toy store (how is it by the way?). I was looking around online, and I found this picture and description of a kendama. Apparently, the two cups on the sides are not the same sizes, one is called an ozara, and one a kozara. Explanations here? (this mainly bugs me because I am slightly OCD, and well, I like things to be symmetrical ::))


One is bigger and one is smaller. Pretty much simple as that. The small cup is harder to land on. It’s just for more of a challenge pretty much.


So, is every kendama like this?


Yes, it’s suppose to have one big cup and one small cup


Yomega pro models are probably one of the best of the yomega kendamas. If you’re looking for a real pro kendama I would recommend buying a sweets atack but pro models are great and aren’t too expensive.


Yup. Every kendama has it like that.