Right or Left, is there such a thing?

I was looking to buy a Kendama, I looked online at a few reviews and someone stated there are left handed ones. Is there such a thing as right handed or left handed kendamas?

I guess there technically could be, but there would be basically no difference.
You have a bigger and a smaller cup. I’m assuming on a left handed kendama, the cups would be switched. But you could just switch them by stringing it the opposite way it’s currently strung.

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Dynikus hit the spot but I would just like to add when it comes to aesthetics the sticker/laser printing /logo/decal is generally on the outside of were you are gripping this can generally be prevented by flipping the sarado around but with the KenUSA New models the ken is “jammed” in place and I would not recommend attempting to remove it. With this said I’d assume you know that one cup is larger then the other and ideal position is with the large cup facing up.
Hope this helps