My Homegrown Doesn't Want to be Taken Apart . . .


I recently purchased a Purple Heart Cushion Homegrown Kendama from Sweets and I just can’t put it down! It is so balanced, durable, and consistent it boggles my mind. The only thing lacking is the string. I have a pack of premium string to use when the time comes, but the sarado is very firmly holding onto the ken. So much so, that I’m reluctant to try removing the sarado for fear of either damaging it or being unable to properly return it to its current solid position.

Any tips on how to properly remove and “re-attach” the sarado without damaging it or making it loose would be much appreciated.


When you are pulling them apart, twist the sword while holding the cups still almost like you are unscrewing it.


Thanks. I tried that and it worked marvelously.

About how many times can you take a homegrown apart before feeling any significant difference in looseness of the cups?


its gonna get loose regardless. The more you play, the looser it will get. It’s just part of kendama. It will move down to an amazing spot that will make lunars absolutely amazing. But, of course, this won’t last forever either. It’ll move down more and then it’ll be awkward. But no worries friend. Either test a little piece of post it and wrap it around the Ken and insert through sarado to tighten up or use some of the string that’s connected to the Ken to sit between the sarado. Boom. Problem solved. Congrats on the hg. It’s all I own now. And yeah. Don’t even wait. Just switch their string immediately to premium. It’s way better.