My kendama keeps coming apart


The cups come off of the stick it slides off should I super glue it? I haven’t been into kendama s very long and I haven’t abused it at all I’m not sure if you guys know what I’m saying I didn’t buy this from yye I bought it elsewhere

It’s a KM kendama it has that stickier type paint on the ball.

If you guys know what I could do to fix it please let me know here’s a pic
Even when I push it down as hard as I can eventually after like a drop or two of the ball it comes apart. And by drop of the ball I mean trying to jump from cup to cup and missing and the ball falling but not hitting the ground. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys


This happens all the time. Usually pushing it as hard as you can solves this issue. You might want to try pushing it against a table or something. If you need to though, you can glue it in place. I would recommend using white school glue rather than super glue though. So if you need to replace the string later, you can still get it apart.


It’s supposed to come apart for you to be able to change the strings, so I don’t think it would be smart to glue it together. I had that problem for a while, and I did eventually push it down hard enough so it wouldn’t come apart other when I pulled it. I would say to just keep trying to push it down harder.


Thanks maybe it needs to just break in possibly?

If I do glue it ill use school glue thanks for the tip!

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Because of the taper of the handle/spike, pressing it in harder will just make the whole thing looser when it does come undone again. A tiny dab of superglue will work: you want just enough to hold it, and to pull apart when you need to.

If your kendama also has a string hole on the other side of the crosspiece, you can use a tiny screw to hold it together. Just make sure it is a flathead, and is recessed so that the tama never touches it.


Just wanted to state for the record that white glue is ideal for bonding wood. It’s practically interchangeable with “wood glue” and can be used as such. The seam can actually end up stronger than the wood itself.

So, if you’re going to use it, don’t make the seal “as tight as you can go”. If it forms an imperfect seal, you should be able to get them apart again.

Side question: does Tribute use a different string system for its one-piece kendamas? I didn’t know that separating the pieces was typically part of changing the string.

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Dude, do NOT push it together as hard as you can. That’s like screwing a yoyo together as hard as you can because it came unscrewed a few times. Plus, you’ll make your spike too long and unbalance the ken. Just a little white school glue. Wipe off the excess with a damp rag.

Greg, the Tribute is a “one-piece” design. You can’t take it apart without breaking it. It’s got a metal insert that goes through the ken. You just thread the string through that. Piece of cake.


Yes. It’s stated in their beginner’s manual that their kendama’s sarado (cup body) are securely fixed to the ken (handle) and it’s not recommended to take them apart.

I noticed the hole where the string was attached goes through the ken. It is different from Oozora(based on what I saw in their instructional video on how to replace kendama’s string) and my other kendama, a Dragon Kendama (not a popular brand but I think it’s very good).


i play kendama for 4 years now, and i did have played several kendamas that haves that same problem
(sometime i grab a kendama out of the package(new) with a large spike, and i solve the problem the same way)
what i do is put 1 layer of paper tape around the ken, on the spot were the sorado should be, just to make it a little thicker,
i won’t use plastic tape because the sorado will slide a little because the plastic.

glue is never a option for me, because you need to option to replace the string one day.

good luck


I just use a small single drop of regular super glue. It won’t prevent you from getting the cups off, yet at the same time it is incredibly strong as far as play goes. If you are scared of not being able to get it off, just put a smaller drop of super glue on there and then just twist the cup thingy untill you hear it snap to get it off. its worked for me and has been MEGA reliable. I also super glue the spike but thats a whole other story.


Super gluing the spike is a great idea, actually!

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Just the tip, though. Don’t go past where it rounds in to the lengthy bit of the spike. I made that mistake on my first kendama.


Greg; Based on your second sentence there, I’m going to assume the Tribute system is the one you are familiar with. Pretty much every other Kendama comes apart and looks like the one in the picture in the original post. You have to seperate the pieces to see the knot. (In this picture it’s on the other side of the ken.)


why not go past? ive done that many times and it hasnt been an issue


It makes landing birds much more difficult.

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And competition rules don’t allow it.


Well now I feel like an idiot, I’ve been having the same problem as Jcpdx and I’ve been pushing it as hard as I can. -_-

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We live and learn :slight_smile: I superglued the entire spike on my first kendama.

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yeah I found this thread right as the sara on my oozora started slipping. Kinda saved me a lot of trouble


I actually don’t even have this Kendama anymore I only have the Kendama USA tribute I’m going to the juggling store right now to buy a new Kendama but don’t know what to get they have sweets tributes some limited edition string theory tributes but I want to try something new so I might go with a sweets Kendama to see how I like that since I had one before but didn’t really play with the Kendama enough to tell a difference but now I’ve gotten into it and haven’t even been throwing my Yoyo haha