New kendama player help


So im going to get a kendama and is wondering what should I do with it maintenance wise.
And do I have to replace string?
I heard about putting a drop of glue on the spike whats that about?


Well when I got mine, the only thing I was told I needed to do is learn the basics. So I’m guessing that’s probably all that’s necessary so early on.
Not sure about the glue. I’m really not to active in the Kendama world. It’s probably to help the ball stay on the spike when it lands.


A coat of glue on the spike help it stay sharp and not wear out.


You don’t really have to replace the string until maybe two months or 3 months of play I would say, and even then only if you want to. However here is a tutorial on how to replace the string whenever you do:

This tutorial shows you how to re-string most kendamas, except for one certain brand and that is KendamaUSA this is because their kens (piece of wood attach to the ball) are one solid piece and do not come apart like the others, usually with most kendamas, they are two pieces of wood pressed together and can come apart like in the video.

Oh and about the glue bit, what you do is get some super glue and add the glue to the tip and the tip only. This is so that the spike will stay pointy and not get dull, at least for awhile, The reason Kendama Players do this is because some tricks are harder to do with a dull spike, so people like to have a pointy spike. You don’t have to do this but if you wish to do this…here is a tutorial for it:

Good luck with your kendama and have fun. :wink: