Kendama matinence/ the stick fell apart!!!


I’m about to get my first kendama, an ozora. Is there anything I should know about that needs to be replaced,and how often, and wears out that supposed to, and what’s not supposed to. Thanks!


Tips wear down. Use super glue to toughen the tip, it will just slow the inevitable.

Strings will wear, break and otherwise need changing. It’s not quite like yoyo string but it still will need replacing unless you’re gonna play off-string, which I think would be pretty cool.


When that tip needs a like-new tip, take a pencil sharpener to it :wink: I still recommend that you glue the tip though, there’s only so many times you can re-sharpen it be fore you run out of spike.


Thanks to both of you!

the ozora is on it’s way from kendama usa. I’ve heard that the ball is really slippery. Does it break in at all?


Yeah most do and get somewhat more tacky, but it also depends on what color you get oddly enough, so which color did you get? I believe people say yellow and sky blue are the favorites at the moment. :slight_smile:


Cherry Red.


The ball will break in and it won’t be so bad, my cherry red one is fine for lighthouses and such.


i also have an oozora.

as mentioned, the spike will wear down. and the tama will break in.

the paint on the oozora tamas are the most durable i’ve encountered yet. you made a good choice :slight_smile:




Yeah, i dropped it on rough concrete, and the paint dented, but still no chips!

well today I dropped the kendama, and the crosspiece fell off. I don’t know how to put it back together tightly, becaause whenever i put it back on, it gets loose and falls off.


Well looks like you’re going to have it to A) glue it back together, just a small dab, so that it will stick and not fall off, but still remove-able. Or B) put 1 layer of masking tape (or as much as you might need) around the ken, on the spot were the cross-piece should be, just to make it a little thicker, so that the cross-piece won’t be loose anymore. Keep dama’ing! :smiley:

(Waylon) #11

A drop of white school glue works like a charm and won’t make it impossible to take it back apart when you need to.