Oxygène Oxy 3vo: A High Speed YoYo Review

Smooth. We hear it all the time in this community. I have used the word on many an occasion when describing a yo-yo. Even though we throw this word around when describing this company’s or that company’s offerings only one company has consistently been the gold standard for measuring smooth. That company is Oxygène. In 2005 Oxygène released the Oxy 4 and history was made. This was THE yo-yo to beat when it came to measuring smoothness, so much so that players coined the phrase “Oxy Smooth”. The Oxy 4 must be one hard yo-yo to follow up but after 4 years of sitting on the side lines Oxygène is finally bringing a new aluminum yo-yo to market. Their latest offering is the Oxy 3vo (read Evo) and is a redesign of their 2003 offering, the Oxy 3. When I asked Carlo Menon why he decided to update the 6-year-old Oxy 3 he had this to say:

Let see if revamping a 6-year-old design was wise on his part. Quite a bit has changed since the release of the Oxy 3 and Oxy 4. Does this still have the legendary Oxy smooth feel or is it just another entry in an ever-growing field.

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