Identify my yoyo?

All I know about this piece is that it was purchased 2012-2013, and it was made by oxygéne. Thanks for any help!



Definately an oxy3 or a 3vo. It’s one of the two.

If the diameter is 54mm it’s a 3vo, if it’s 57.5(ish) it’s a 3. The Oxy3 came out according to another well know retailer in 2002 where as the 3vo came out as kind of a reboot about 6(ish) years later according to Highspeed yoyo.

Looks too rounded to be a normal 3. Thinking it’s a 3vo

For sure an oxy 3vo. Great find!

I’ve been away from the hobby for quite a while, are these fairly valuable nowadays?

Not sure?, I don’t usually see old oxy’s for sale that often.