Oxygene Io short review

I’ve played a lot of yoyos in my two short years of throwing and I have to say this is really refreshing. The Io comes from the Italian manufacturer Oxygene, known for their smoothness, titaniums, and Oxy models. Io in italian means “I” literally, but despite this I don’t know of any fancy reasoning for this name. The only thing I can derive from the name is I feel great about every aspect of it :wink:
Upon arrival it comes in a familiar Oxygene pouch. Simple. Elegant. It has a pink string that’s quite lengthy, I think its a kitty string, I could be wrong.
Now the play of the Io is incredible. The shape is taken from the most recent oxy ti version and the also new oxy syzergy in one aluminum yoyo. Out of the pouch the Io, at least in my case, was semi tug responsive from lubrication but still played well and didn’t hinder its abilities at all. After breaking the bearing in I realized how quiet the bearing actually was. I usually yoyo with headphones or the radio on to drown out the sound of bearings, it just drives me nuts upon hours of play; it was almost completely silent. I really had to focus on the yoyo to make sure it was spinning; you see with no vibe and a bearing quieter than an overlubed ten ball you have no idea this masterpiece is spinning.
The homemade sand blast is very smooth to the touch and adds more of a hue than the actual color. Sorta like how yoyos in a copper colorway almost look grey.
Before I bought this a friend of mine told me the Io was basically a better take on the Ilyy Lynx which to many was their take on the Clyw Peak. I’ve had the opportunity to try a Peak and compared to the Io its close, meaning the peak is close to the Io (sorry diehard Clyw fans), of course that’s my opinion you may find the peak to be better suited for you, but I truly doubt it.
Overall the play is extremely smooth and satisfying, good for laidback leisurely play or good for a smooth competition.
If you were thinking of picking one up I highly recommend you do so, for $99 you get more than a good feel about what Oxygene has to offer; and with a healthy stock on yoyoexpert I’ll be trying to snag another in my next paycheck.


Now I want one, lol. So many good throws catching my attention lately

Highly recomment this throw. You won’t be disappointed, and if somehow you were it already has a high trade value (you should see the offers I’ve gotten O.o)

. Just a short question about your short review… You said,‘The homemade sand blast is very smooth to the touch and adds more of a hue than the actual color’.

Why did you say homemade? Just curious.

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“with a hand made sandblasting finish” my bad I mistook homemade with hand made, I’ll adjust accordingly.

Diameter:54.0 mm / 2.12 inchesWidth:43.0 mm / 1.69 inchesGap Width:5.0 mm / .2 inchesWeight:65 gramsBearing Size:Metric KonKave Bearing - (6x13x5 mm) With Permission From Dif-E-YoResponse:Oxygene Silicone Pad

make sure to bring this one next sunday.

Haha sure :slight_smile:
If I don’t have work that is :confused: they call me in randomly