Oxygene io Review

This is my first yoyo review:)

I’ve played this yoyo for 2 weeks ever since I got it. If you checked my last posts then you would be informed. I decided to make a full review on this yoyo.
Diameter: 54.0 mm / 2.12 inches
Width: 43.0 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 5.0 mm / .2 inches
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing Size: Metric KonKave Bearing - (6x13x5 mm)
With Permission From Dif-E-Yo
Response: Oxygene Silicone Pad
Made in: Italy

First Impressions/Construction:
When I opened up my package, I saw that the yoyo came in a black, elegant little bag. The throw itself is smaller than I thought, but looked way better in person. The Ano job is amazing, it fells soft and sleek. The yoyo didn’t come with a string. I do however know that Oxygene throws often don’t come with string , but this is my first ownership from the company. Either this is just my order, or the others are the same. The shape is like none other I’ve seen. It starts off rounded at the rims, then gently curves until a sudden deeper curve towards the bearing. The shape can be described as “smooth” and “flowing”. That’s exactly the type of play that you would expect from this yoyo.
As I stated in the last section, this yoyo plays Very smooth on the string; and flows from trick, to combos, and anything you can think of. I immediately noticed on the first throw, on how quiet and vibe free this yoyo is. The KonKave bearing must have something to do with this. I threw all that I knew of yo-yoing at this throw. It handled every thing extremely well; and then some. I couldn’t even feel the yoyo spin at the bottom of the string. With a massive gap width of 5mm, I could hit anything with ease. I sometimes had to make judgement calls on when the yoyos spin is winding down. Before long, I developed a sense of when the yoyo is stating to spin out. I noticed that tricks that require string rejections, hops, whips, slacks, suicides, and multiple string wraps; the response does not snag, only when binding or regenerations are needed. The response feels similar to CLYW snow tires, but just a tad bit more grippy. Now I see why this company Is legendary for it’s “Oxy smoothness”.

. Great for any type of grinds( fingerspins may be tricky)
. Plays fast, slow, adapts to any style of play
. Quiet spin times
. Great price:$99-$114( depending on colorway chosen)


  • Couldn’t find any, but I am nitpicking other minor flaws: otherwise than the yoyo)
    . Didn’t come with string( Not a big deal, if you have a lot of string)
    . Limited stock/Release(Oxygene only produces in small batches every so often, so YYE has a limited stock)
    . Misc. parts may be hard to find/purchase ie; response, axle, etc.

Personel experience/Conclusion:
From my time testing this amazing throw, I had fun doing so. I recommend this throw to any players out there. It is definatly worth the play/price. P.S. buy one wile you can:)
Thank you anyone for taking time out of your day for reading my first yoyo review, Please give any feedback. Pics below:

Nice review. Looks like you need to change strings real soon now. :wink:


you caught that too! Lol.

Nice yoyo review. The photo with that gorgeous Oxygene hanging on that almost broken string makes me so nervous…

Do you know if other response pads would fit on the io? I’m just curious because the oxygene ones aren’t currently in stock

Grandmaster… Did you put that torn up string on the IO when you got it? Or did you put a new string on the IO and the Yoyo has some ‘issue’ that caused the string to Fray like that?

Because that string is way past Funeral services.

The only time you use a string like that; is when you are giving a Demo to a lame crowd and you want to hit somebody in the front row with a flying Yoyo but you want it to look like an accident.

Seriously; if the string was good when you put it on the Yoyo and that’s the result; I don’t think your Review is quite done yet.


What a sexy shape! Wow!!