Oxygene Syzygy Review

As stated by Yoyoexpert in the product’s description, “Carlo Alberto Menon owner of Oxygène from Italy makes what are considered some of the most stunning and perfect yo-yos ever created. Every design is a constant example of elegance and ingenuity. Syzygy combines precisely machined aluminum and precious titanium into one fluid form factor.” After being wowed by the beautiful images all over the internet, I finally decided to bite the bullet the other day and spend the $250 on a primarily aluminum yoyo…after receiving my Syzygy in the mail at 8:30 this morning, let me say that it was the smartest yoyo purchase I’ve made in a while. Today was a very, very good day.

Ordinarily I would not think to write/post a review of a yoyo on the day that I actually received the throw. I know that it’s best to play with a yoyo for a week, for a month, before you really “get” what the yoyo and its creator(s) intended for you to “get.” With the Syzygy, my first Oxygene throw, it took me one throw to feel what was intended with this design: smooth, fluid, transcendence of all other realms and levels of yoyo. After that first throw it took me on a yoyo journey I’d never taken before and it’s going to be difficult for me to return.

Diameter: 53.9 mm / 2.12 inches
Width: 43.0 mm / 1.69 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams (blue titanium) or 64.2 grams (green titanium)
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
KonKave Bearing
Response: Oxygene Response Pad


Obviously it’s beautiful. By licensing YoyoJam’s “central rim weighting” and making an aluminum/ titanium hybrid, as opposed to the usual plastic/metal or aluminum/aluminum, Oxygene really opened up the possibilities for how they could shape the primarily aluminum body and rims of this throw. I chose the heavier blue titanium model for a number of reasons. Primarily because I’m a larger fan of blue than I am of green, but also because I tend to appreciate a little more heft/weight to my throws. I am not a fast or speedy player. My style doesn’t necessarily even have a lot of “flow,” but it is a slower, more methodical style and I tend to appreciate a little more weight on the end of my string. It can obviously still play fast, and I’m sure the green titanium can likely rip threw the air at unheard of speeds for those skilled in fast/speedy play. That’s honestly just not my style or something I’m really capable of. The seams between the aluminum/titanium/aluminum are tight, tight, tight! You can barely feel any lip or seam. By licensing Yoyojam’s design, Oxygene literally pulled off something Yoyojam didn’t even with their smoothest throws (which in my opinion are/were the Diamondback and Phenom, two very smooth, wonderful yoyos). It’s honestly as though the Syzygy is lathed out of one solid piece of aluminum, not 6 separate pieces of metal. Whatever wizardry they used to put this thing together, it’s amazing.


The Syzygy comes stock with a size C Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing. It’s dead unresponsive. I have a feeling it was lubed a little bit thick to get the bearing to be this silent and smooth, but the thing is super duper unresponsive and silent. Significantly smoother and quieter than any 10 Ball, One Drop or otherwise. Feels similar to how my Phenom’s KonKave felt 2 or so years ago. I’ve played that Phenom to death and never cleaned/lubed the bearing. It’s still almost as silent as the bearing on this Syzygy so hopefully my luck with this Syzygy KonKave is as good as my luck with that Phenom’s bearing has been. There’s nothing to say about the response. It works great. Binds tight, allows dead unresponsive play. Does exactly what a response needs to do.


SMOOTHEST THING EVER. Smooth. Quiet. Fluid. Barely vibrates on an off-balance bad throw. My General Yo Majesty has been put to shame. All of my SPYYs and 888s are sitting in a corner crying over how smooth this yoyo is. I don’t demand a lot of smoothness out of my throws. Some of my favorites are complete beaters that wobble all over the place, smoothness does not a good yoyo make. That being said, I’ve never thrown an Oxygene until today, but if this is how they play then I completely understand what is meant by “Oxy smooth.” You cannot tell this yoyo is spinning on the string. Both of the images below were taken while the yoyo was spinning. Look at the reflections coming off those rims, look at the string. It honestly appears that yoyo is at a stand still, but it wasn’t. I put the camera down, did some combos and returned the throw in a perfect bind after those pics were taken. NO VIBE. NO NOISE. Wow.

One of the unique aspects to this throw is the polished catch-zone with the raw cup. Obviously with the polished catch-zone, any grind involving the catch-zone isn’t really going to work. Arm/finger/etc…the polished throw does what polished throws do, it grabs and runs down your finger or arm; however, the cup of the Syzygy is raw and even has a fairly huge IRG allowing for killer thumb and horizontal cup grinds. The nubs are not spiked, but I was even able to briefly pull start my Syzygy and balance it on the end of my thumb for 5-10 seconds or so. The rims are surprisingly thin. I don’t know that I have seen a yoyo with thinner aluminum rims. It absolutely does not impact the spin-time of this thing. That titanium ring is placed so perfectly, right in the middle of where this baby is weighted, it spins and floats along the end of the string forever.

Speaking of string, Oxy included none with the throw. This was the first time I’ve ever received a yoyo from the manufacturer with no string. I’m sure Oxygene (correctly) assumes that anyone investing in one of their yoyos already has a plethora of strings to choose from and will just throw on what they like. To me, this yoyo begged for a plain, white string. I ordered an extra 25 count of YYE plain poly, I also tried the Syzygy with Toxic Dragon and white Kitty String. YYE Poly was my fav and likely what I’ll stick with.


Really really nice yoyo. All positives, no negatives (save for the justified $250 price-tag). If you have the funds and are intrigued, it’s absolutely worth the purchase. The Syzygy is going to become one of my daily throws, I just don’t have anything else that plays quite like it, because I suspect nothing else does or ever will.

Thanks for reading.

(Side by side shots with CLYW Chief and One Drop Code 2 for size comparisons)

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Fantastic review!!! Wish I had the $ o buy one. :slight_smile:

Great review. Love the photos!


Agreed, this was great!

Thanks guys!

Solid review man! If you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide on this guy instead of something like the Anglam or another equally priced throw?

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Honestly the looks of the Syzygy really caught my eye and I’d also heard great things about Oxygene but never owned one of their throws. I’m sure the Anglam is wonderful, I’ve played a Berserker, it was great as well. The Syzygy just caught my eye and was something I decided was worth trying.

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