Oxygene Hyperion Thread

I recieved mine and have had time to at least give my initial thoughts on this throw.

When I opened the package I was surprised the Hyperion didnt have its own box made for it and then once I opened the box was dumb founded that it literally only came with a oxygene cleaning cloth. There wasn’t even a string in the box to throw this piece of titanium. Oh well that’s all the negatives now on to what I think is good.

The shape in general is good for me but if my fingers were just a tad thicker I might not have the same opinion. The H shape fits my XL hand middle finger perfect. There are some technological design elements in the H shape as well. Quite a bit of the wall has been removed for weight distribution purposes I suppose. I’m an architectural/civil engineer so the hollowed out section on the side walls could be for other purposes just a guess by me really.

The weight is what struck me as odd when first picked it up out of the box. It feels lighter in my hand than I had imagined. There isn’t that dense feeling with this throw like there is with the Ricochet. It’s totally different in feel both in play and in hand.

The size is comfortable. It’s not large nor is it small. It’s a touch smaller in diameter than the chief which I’ve really grown to enjoy. The first time I picked up the Chief I thought it was big but that feeling quickly dissipated.

The sleep time seems good and is silky smooth. I can’t perform any super long combos so can’t really comment on this aspect as well as the more advanced throwers. The response feels about like a YYF or CLYW system. There doesn’t have to be a lot of spin to get a good return and isn’t overly snappy either.

All in all its a nice throw but not magical or anything. The finish is basic and some ano would have really brightened it up but I’m sure there are reasons behind its finish.

They don’t include string because they assume if you are buying a $500 yoyo, you will own string. The “cut out portion”, known as an undercut, allows for more unique weight distributions, and increased performance for suicides. The undercut allows you to push as much weight as possible to the rims, while taking away some center weight.

I think they don’t anodize it because it looks much classier and “expensive” without the anodize, and that is exactly what Oxy is about: High quality, high performance, high class yoyos. Minimalist and simple (not necessarily on the design of the yoyo) seem to be to be part of their branding, and they want to present to the customer a no-frills yoyo, hence cutting out things like a box, string, etc. In fact, I don’t think they’ve ever anodized one of their Titanium throws.

I noticed though, on the Hyperion, they’ve decided to put a big, somewhat intricate engraving. A bit different than what we’ve come to know from Oxy, who usually have small engravings, but I guess this is a nice touch.

Glad to see you’re sort of liking it, I’m sure you’ll warm up to it after a while. :slight_smile:

Yea the design on it seems to be painted rather than engraved. I only say that because there isn’t any texture or feel to it. It’s there is about how I feel about it. Not opinionated one way or the other about it but did notice how simple most of their other Tis were.

I really like it. It just feels different than I thought it would. I figured it would feel dense but it doesn’t at all which isn’t bad. I don’t really care for hollow feeling throws unless they are extremely smooth. This is far from hollow feeling though. I think it’s just how the weight is proportioned. Like its in the very center and edges like it should be. I know that’s obvious but not all throws really achieve the balancing act like this.

As far as me liking it, well of course I like it. I just said its not magical but may have had little bit of magic dust on it when was in the box because I landed skin the gerbil 2 times in a row on my 2nd and 3rd throws then landed it 2 more times out of 4 throws right afterwards. I normally land it back to my hand like 30% of the time.

This is purely a guess/opinion of mine. > I think the primary reason no string is supplied was very calculated. Carlo knows most of the few folks that can/will bounce 5 Bones for a yoyo, have already figured what string they want to have on their yoyos. ( and for a few buyers that are primarily Collectors that are gonna Shelve the yoyo on a Display case, it doesn’t matter anyway).

Of the 20 that were sold, lets just say that maybe 5 will not even be thrown. They will/ are just collected for various reasons other than throwning. Now of those 15 left, there is a very good probability that most of the buyers already have their own Specific string. So they would more than likely take off or just not use a string on the yoyo or included in the box. Remember, even though string breaks are not common, the last thing a guy wants to do is throw down his Brand Spanking New 500 dollar yoyo and have it go flying down the road.

By not supplying a string with the yoyo, the Owner takes on the Responsibility of selecting a string that will most likely insure his personal confidence that the yoyo will stay on the end of the string, lol.

Personally, I very seldom start throwing a new yoyo with whatever string might have come with it. < just a habit of mine. I use a make/model of string that has never given me any problems.

… Especially when a yoyo is soooooo expensive, the value of ‘a string’ is literally closer to nothing than something.

PS… Now from another point of view, it would not have been any major challenge to have included and identified exactly what kind of string might have supplied with the yoyo. To eliminate a generic mystery and possibly instill a certain level of confidence if the Happy owner might want to just take the yoyo and Blaze away…

PS 2. Only a cleaning cloth, included? < I got an Oxy Megatron and it came in a really nice plush black pull string sack.

Personally, I pretty much could care less about boxes and extras. My focus is on yoyo performance. Stickers and cute little boxes and little toys, etc, whatever, do nothing to get me to like or not like a yoyo.

That being said, I do think the majority of yoyo buyers, enjoy the entire experience of opening the mailing box and then fiddling with the yoyo box. And then taking out the custom strings or the stickers or the string tool or a little extra of some sort. < an adventure ritual of sorts. Fun is , well, fun…

So even though I pretty much figure why no string was included, I must admit, a five hundred dollar yoyo might make a better Box opening impression if it came in very useful plush Oxy bag.

Oh well.

( ps3… On a sidenote, the Megatron is Seriously good! Shocked me how well it plays).

Yeah, like you said, you can get some extremely unique and different feeling weight distribution, with it being titanium and undercut. And perhaps it’s laser engraved? I feel that may be more likely than paint, and you can’t feel laser engravings.

I love when you first open a yoyo, you never really know how it plays, and there’s an element of mystery and surprise. Such a good feeling… Just like you were surprised when you played your Hyperion, and it was very different from your Ricochet - - that’s a great feeling.

My understanding is that there will be more than 20 of these, and YYE is expected to get them soon. I will only spend that kind of money here in this store. But, I just want to comment on the engraving, and point out that it was the result of an “art contest” they ran on Facebook. Someone submitted that design, and won. If the engraving does not appear to be what you’re used to from them…that’s why. I am surprised at the packaging aspect of it. I would have at least expected the standard Oxy pouch. The Oxy 5, Megatron, io, Ozone, had a pouch. The Oxy 9.06 had a fantastic presentation box. That does surprise me.

I’m sorry, I’m not clear on what the Hyperion was packaged in exactly. Was it a random yo-yo box?

Mine came in a pretty nice box. I’ll get a picture of it within the next couple of days.

Mine also came with the polishing cloth.

I had a similar experience. I wasn’t blown away, but the tricks I have been working on were instantly easier. Weird sensation. I like it a lot actually.

I hoped there aren’t too many more than 20. I plan on getting at least one more when they hit here at YYE.

^ It does not seem from the review, that this tops their 9.06 which is a great throw. :-\ I don’t know about doubling up on this one.

I think this is a great throw. I just think it’s greatness doesn’t smash you in the face.

There are some yoyos that have some attribute that is so strong, it is dominant over the others. For example the Stealth Ogre, which is so stable, it is the dominant characteristic.

This one has no dominant characteristic. But other yoyos I have that are that well balanced across the different characteristics are not usually as strong in all of them. I’m not advanced enough to properly evaluate it, but the Hyperion is not dominated by it’s stability, yet it is extremely stable. It is not a yoyo that seems to want to play fast or slow, but will play at whatever speed I am capable, it does not feel heavy on the string, yet feels solid. I think we need to see a review from someone more experience than me or Midlifeyoyoman to validate my sense of this throw, but I will say this: I immediately played better with this yoyo than I could with any other I own, and I have 50 high end throws. I think that is something special in itself. It is just that you don’t notice the yoyo. It gets out of the way, so to speak. It just goes where it is supposed to more easily, and does what it needs to do with less effort. I think there might be something very special here, and can’t wait to see what the more experienced throwers think.

I can’t wait to hear from the OP about what exactly his yo-yo was packaged in, if it did not have a box. :-\

Ok. A lot has been posted since my last visit so not quoting.

The string issue isn’t a big deal but what if I was on vacation or away from home when ordered this and after anxiously waiting for it to arrive I don’t even have an operational throw. This part of my review along with the packaging was merely a few statements to share how the unboxing went. Unboxing is part of the experience and some really enjoy it. I simply stated how it went and it didnt change how I felt about the throw in any way what so ever.

The box was just a black box that has Ti on the front of it so assume its the same box other Ti throw/throws have been in as well. I personally am a collector player so all the little things that come with collector throws are kept but the yoyo will be used and have places on it that make it less than mint condition. So if I ever sell any throw, it will come with all original packaging but will absolutely be used. I really don’t see myself ever selling but I enjoy the whole aspect of collecting so keep it all.

I will say the box is nice but like the OP stated it wasn’t made specifically for this throw. There is nothing about it that says cheap in any way it just doesn’t say Hyperion is all or wasn’t made for just the Hyperion by my guess since I’ve seen that box somewhere else and assume was last Ti model they made.

The play of this throw is so good that I can’t describe it since I’m only a month into throwing and working on longest combo of matrix and skin the gerbil.

The saying of deminishing returns only goes so far can be applied to any consumer product and am sure this throw plays better than anything under $200 by my guess. I am only guessing here but know titanium can be used to create pretty much the perfect design while other materials have to settle for what their properties will allow.

I emediately found myself landing tricks at a higher percentage and that’s not a coincidence.

The design on the side is like TA said, a winner of a contest. I remember reading about it when she pointed me to the article a month or so ago. I don’t know why I said painted but of course it isn’t because it would get scratched off and is lasered on most likely. I just didnt want anyone to think it was engraved as that wouldn’t be good for thumb grinds. I should have just left that for someone else to confirm and stopped at its not engraved. My apologies there.

perhaps it may interest you to know that the shape of this yoyo comes from the idea, then abandoned, to have pierced cups that reminded the revolver drum … another passion of Carlo… This is a rendering of what it was like the Hyperion

This is the source threads

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That is cool looking for sure.

Thanks for posting that Persson…nice to see you here more often. That looks really cool! :o

thanks! :wink:

Was considering writing a full-on review of the Hyperion, but I’ll just append my thoughts to this thread.

It’s a fantastic yoyo. Someone earlier said it has no ‘dominant’ characteristics, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Doesn’t stand out as being super light or super fast or super stable (well, it is super stable, but that’s not a dominant characteristic that supersedes everything else).

That’s not to say it’s boring - it’s just so well-balanced that it just works. It reminds me of my Chief in that you pick it up, throw the hardest trick/combo you know, and feel like you’re hitting strings just a teensy bit easier with this yoyo than with most. Also as an example, for Grandma Kimmitt’s Sandwich, that first move from the double-or-nothing that can gather some backspin problems if you’re not smooth: The Hyperion gives you a bit more leniency there.

So yeah, with shipping and conversion from the store I bought it from, wound up costing me over $500, closer to $550. Is it worth it? Not really.

Like most people on these forums, $500 is a lot of money to me. I’m fairly middle-class, I make decent money and am self-sufficient and etc but that’s $500 that isn’t going to savings or into more ‘important’ things. There’s almost a bit of stress when I use it, that “wow I spent so much darn money on this thing”.

It isn’t blow-your-head-off amazing. It doesn’t eclipse every other yoyo I’ve used by a mile. It hasn’t ruined all other throw for me. It’s great, but it’s in the same league as any high-end aluminum. The fact that it’s more than 3x the cost of a Chief but plays arguably as good (maybe a little better) is a bit of a detractor.

I’ve wanted to own a titanium oxy since the first one and couldn’t resist the opportunity. I don’t regret it and you can bet your donkey I wouldn’t sell it even if someone wanted to give me $600 for it (provided they were impossible to re-buy for 500).

A word on this next paragraph: I’m bad with timelines, and my yoyo history knowledge is not to be trusted. Take this with a grain of skepticism. I started yoyoing 10ish years ago. When I was starting to get ‘good’, the holy grail of yoyoing was the Oxy 3. It, along with the early H-spin stuff and dif-e-yo, introduced aluminum as a material for yoyos, and Oxygene was at the head of the pack; everyone wanted one. I was in high school at the time and it was a big deal to get my mom to buy me a new YYJ speeder or hitman, so $100+ on a metal yoyo was out of the question.

With all that history in mind, owning a titanium Oxygene is a bit of a dream come true. And, as best as I can look beyond the honeymoon new-is-better mentality, this yoyo does not disappoint at all. But unless $500 is an insignificant amount to you, I’d skip this one. Get a Chief, a Majesty, a YYR of your taste, and go to a nice restaurant with that money instead.

Very interesting thoughts on the Hyperion above. I really can’t wait to get mine now. Based on those thoughts, and others I’ve read on the forum, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I have to correct my earlier post. There have only been a total of 20 of these made so far. The overseas store that was selling them is sold out. I got an email from them stating that they only sold 5 of them total. Andre indicated that he ordered 10 of them. Perhaps the other 5 were held for direct sales and such.

I’m expecting to get mine in the mail tomorrow. For those of you looking to buy one, get ready really soon for them to officially drop…a matter of days. Based on what I’ve read, I cannot see myself buying a double of this. I still feel that Oxy 9.06 is the perfect one for me. I’m looking to buy a second Ricochet instead.

Well that’s cool! I figured they sold 20 or had 20 and made another run for Andre to sell. I’m still loving mine and feel like its just a all round better yoyo than the other higher end aluminums I have. I do think its a tad less forgiving with stability once its at its limits compared to the chief but bests the chief in all other categories. I don’t know if it made me better so to say but I increased my learning curve after playing it for a week or so. It glides effortlessly across the string/strings which I think helps a lot. The rotation doesn’t seem to slow down during some points in tricks where other throws slow down and spin out on me. I know keeping the string perfectly straight is a huge factor as well but it’s wide gap makes it more forgiving I’d say.

No second thoughts what so ever and am still on the hunt for older Tis to compare.

I think the weight of it is still what separates this throw from others. It’s like perfect yet still surprises you every time you pick it up. It feels light yet doesn’t play any lighter than it is. It’s just one of those things that only playing it will truly describe how it’s weight is distributed.

I currently have a wing cut terrapin in mine so the stability I mentioned earlier will be different with the stock bearing as well. Think I’m going to try out the new gold bearing soon so will comment afterwards if there’s a noticeable difference worth mentioning.

So glad YYE/Andre got this throw for us loyal customers! Nice job once again YYE!

Great review! And spot on from my less experienced thoughts.

It’s my guess that you will find the Hyperion such a different feeling YoYo from the Oxy 9.06 that a comparison would be difficult. I find that the Hyperion has a feeling somewhere between the Glacier Express and the Summit. It’s an absolutely marvelous YoYo, and I have not found anything in the way of Titanium YoYo’s that I could compare to it. Though I will be very curious to hear your thoughts once you get yours. I have NO DOUBT that you will love it. If you are pleased with the Oxy 9.06, and the money your spent on it, you are going to be very pleased with the Hyperion. It’s Oxygene’s best effort to date…IMO.

I look forward to reading your thoughts after you get yours. ;D