Oxygene Hyperion Thread

Thanks Stickman. Sorry for the delay, I had to chase the package down yesterday, after I missed the opportunity to sign at the door. I got the package yesterday in the evening, and took some quick shots.

My first impressions echo those stated before. This yo-yo does not have the “personality” that the 9.06 does, but sometimes having no “personality” is a personality in and of itself. What I mean by that, is that it is a very nice playing yo-yo, but nothing really jumps out at me about it. It’s almost a well rounded yo-yo at it’s finest, in all of it’s attributes. It plays light to me, but not too light. It doesn’t play fast…or slow. It is just the right size in your hand, and wide enough to land tricks easily…yet not too wide either. In some people’s eyes, it could be the perfect yo-yo for that reason. All of it’s attributes are, in a bizarre way “equally nice.” Added bonus would be the awesome shape, and the fact that it is a titanium of course.

Also, this yo-yo is nothing like the 9.06. The 9.06 was right for me, because of the added weight. But, there is something about the shape and how wide this yo-yo is in comparison, that is very appealing. It makes me wish the 9.06 was a bit wider. Oxygene may have achieved the perfect yo-yo for a lot of people. It almost plays itself, if that makes sense. While I love the weight of the 9.06, the weight on this yo-yo, I can tell, is perfect because the yo-yo seems to almost “play itself.” By that, I mean that every manipulation seems so smooth and effortless. It is one of those yo-yos that you just have to experience for yourself.

If you have a titanium collection, it is a “must have,” and definitely a great playing yo-yo. The only thing I can anticipate someone not liking about this yo-yo is the obvious…the shape. For those who have thrown a Cliff, and your finger sometimes seems to get caught in there a tad…same here to a lesser extent. But, it does not bother me so much, and I consider it characteristic of the shape.

I hope all that made sense, but it is my feeling about this yo-yo as I can best put into words. So, would I pay $500 all over again? I definitely would. :wink: I took some photos quickly:

IMG_6164 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

IMG_6167 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

IMG_6169 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Hyperion1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Hyperion by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Hyperionb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Comparison with 9.06

Hyperion2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I’ll post some better photos, when I can spend more time on them. :wink:

Looks great!!! I love that engraving too!!

Can one of the guys that bought a Hyperion do us a favour and cut your Hyperion in half so we can see the profile. Thanks!


So it’s safe to say I won’t find another throw that feels(weight distribution) and plays like this one? I know your collection is huge so…

It’s really that different and not just my noob thoughts. It does truly play itself and did give me a leap forward in my progression. I didnt think it was just me advancing in my learning curve but was pretty sure it was just the yoyo as I performed tricks at a much higher percentage straight out of the box.

This all leads to the question, “Can a high end yoyo really make you better?” All the post I’ve read say no that the player is only as good as its throw. I think this yoyo may prove this to be rather close to false if not entirely false. My first throw was a DM2 and after a week or so I got a chief. My accuracy and landing percentage rose with the chief but I was also getting more refined myself. But with the Hyperion I was literally landing and improving at a greater rate than my skill level itself. Hope that made a little sense.

After all that I still don’t praise it or anything and still play my other throws equally as much but there is something about it that makes it special.

Ill get right on that! Ill cut a ricochet while I’m at it too!

:smiley: I know right. I would agree Midlifeyoyoman, that there is something special about the yo-yo. I have to say that I don’t have another one in the bunch that feels like this one.

Funny thing is, I don’t think a high end yo-yo makes you “better.” But I think it can make playing “easier” and therefore more enjoyable, which certainly makes things seem that much better. I have nothing against anyone, at any level of play, who wants to get any yo-yo they can afford. :slight_smile:

Mine already has scratches/string marks all over both sides of the cup from continuous use. Wish it would stay nice and shiny/pretty even when used.

Mine’s holding up pretty well so far! Granted I have maybe 6-7 hours on it, so I don’t know if I’d call that ‘continuous’. The inner catch zone is getting like a satinized kind of roughness to it, and the rest is just fingerprint smudges and the like.

I’d imagine that unless you seriously scratch it, which won’t be as easy to do with a titanium yoyo, you can polish it back to pristine pretty easily should you ever want to =)

Yea that’s pretty much what mine looks like. Just wear and is still pretty but not like out of the box.

Question for Oxy Hyperion owners(me being one). When you are doing combos at a pretty moderate pace, do you feel/hear/sense that little Clicking sound, when the string hits slightly outside the ‘gap’?

I mean, one obvious advantage of a V shape yoyo, is the way you can be ‘off’ center alignment, yet by nature of the shape, the string just gets directed into the gap with little fanfare.

With the Hyperion having its’ pronounced H shape and almost square corner transitioning from body to gap, that advantage is lost.

I first noticed this oddity when I got my first Hspin Envy. A truly sad misadventure in the science of yoyo making.

The Hyperion is light years ahead of the Envy, in my opinion, but that clicking feel is just the trippiest thing, lol.

After 15 years of throwing down yoyos, if nothing else, my string gap alignment is pretty spot on.

But I didn’t realize how accidentally lazy/sloppy V shaped yoyos had allowed me to become. They are so forgiving.

The Oxy is not. The Hyperion will make you Pay attention. Cuz if you start sloppin, you will start Clicking, haha.

The clicks caused by the string deflecting, don’t seem to have any real effect on the play or spin time.
It is just something you have to hear/feel/ any/every time you are off the gap width.

Click, click, click.

I don’t have an Glacier Express, but you may notice on the GE, that Chris put a little ‘helper entry angle’ right outboard of the response system. Not sure if his protos clicked like the Oxy? And I haven’t asked him.

I think the Hyperion is a pretty Amazing yoyo. But even at 500 bucks, you still get a yoyo with a few quirks.

Most yoyos have something going on, regardless of price.

Yes yoyodoc, mine will do that “click” as well. I think I know just what you mean, because it’s a faint and low pitched version of a “click,” but it’s a click for sure. It’s kind of cool, and it gives it a little more personality too. But, playing along, I’ve noticed it. :smiley:

Listened for it tonight and did hear it one time when didnt land directly in the center. Hadn’t noticed it before but always have background noise from one source or another.

Nice pictures of your Hyperion TotalArtist !! Coming from you I would expect nothing less.

This YoYo when polished up poses a small challenge for controlling glare.

I experimented with a few silk diffusers on these two shots, but I still have a bit of adjusting to do.
Though I will say that my Draupnir was a slightly larger challenge when it comes to glare.

I have a few other thoughts that I will try out in the coming days, but for tonight, this is how my shots turned out. I was limited in time, so I’ll revisit this attempt when I have some time to invest.

Sure do LOVE this YoYo. Oxygene has not made anything better IMO.
Though since I just made that statement, I also have to say that the Megatron is also a very underrated and awesome throw. You can see the inspiration from Hyperion’s shape incorporated into the Megatron.

Certainly a YoYo I highly recommend for those who do not want to drop $500.00 on a YoYo from Oxygene.

Thanks Stickman…I experimented with a black background after those other shots. Your shot is so clean and crisp…I love it. It is a difficult yo-yo to get a clean shot of, that’s for sure. Did you buy a double of that one, or just one? I stuck to one this time. I also enjoy the Megatron, and have it in blue. I love my Oxys. :slight_smile:

Hyperion by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Hyperioncup by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Spent some time throwing my hyperion tonight. It really is growing on me more and more. Everything seems so effortless with it.Easier than other throws. It really is impressive.

Nice Job as well TotalArtist !!

I find that with the high amount of glare on this particular YoYo, the glare spots tend to blow out the sensor in my camera which results in the loss of apparent detail. I’m a bit perplexed since I have certainly not had the same issue with other YoYo’s of this high gloss like the Ricochet, but for whatever reason, the Hyperion has challenged me a bit.

I also think the RAW Draupnir also has a very high gloss, but was far easier to manage with scrims, but not the Hyperion. I’ll give it another attempt this weekend and see if I can’t clean up my shot.

Either way, it’s an awesome YoYo !! There have been soooooo many over the top great YoYo’s released recently, it’s very expensive trying to keep up.

And in answer to your question TotalArtist, I’m still deciding if I will double up on the Hyperion !!
It’s a very expensive YoYo, and there are so many awesome YoYo’s that are set to release very soon, so I may keep my powder dry for the moment. Though, you never know what may happen in a moment of impulse though… ;D

I was throwing the Ricochet for the first time in a couple of days tonight and almost had the impulse to buy a raw one to go with the blue. There is something about it for the price that keeps tempting me to grab the other color while they are still available.

I won’t be buying another Hyperion just because its only one color, although; I could always trust one of the skilled guys to do a crazy ano job or powder on one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I totally understand your logic there. I will typically with certain YoYo’s, such as the Ricochet & the Hyperion like to have one for my collection, which I have set aside for the benefit of being a collectors piece, and have a duplicate for throwing. That way I have a clear conscience about throwing the duplicate without worrying about damaging my collection items.
However, when a YoYo costs $500.00, it gives one pause about buying two of them…
that is the beauty of the Ricochet though, it’s such an awesome throw for the money, and buying two still doesn’t equate to the price of buying just one Hyperion.

At the end of the day though, it’s still only money… And the last time I checked, I have never seen a luggage rack on a Hearst. :wink:

^ I agree…you can’t take it with you. :smiley: I keep a nest egg in case something goes wrong around the house, other than that…you only live once. ;D But, I have to admit that there was something about that $500 price tag that gives you cause to pause. Not that I wouldn’t double up on one, but a lot of consideration would go into it.

I wanted a second, but some unexpected home repairs, and a desire to get jetskis for the spring are slowing me down. After getting a vseper, pride, draupnir, dazzler, ricochet, and schneider over the next couple of months, and the 65 yoyos I’ve bought for myself recently, not to mention the ones I’ve bought for gifts, getting a second one right now is starting to feel irresponsible. My well is not infinite. If I had some extra consulting work on the books, I’d grab one for sure.

Have they hit the YYE store? I am seeing more people with htem but didn’t notice them hit.