Its time for the final battle in the Over 1 Year Tournament. Before we get this started however, I would like to thank some people.
Alex Fairhurst- Thank you for essentially inspiring me to do this battle. I seriously didn’t think that yoyo battles could include more than 3 people without it being really drawn out but after seeing how the battle royale did, I decided to do something like it.
Andy569- Thank you for giving me the opportunity to host a battle due to the under 1 year battle you were hosting.
Participants- Thank you for taking time to record some videos and participate in this. If it wasn’t for each and everyone of you, this battle wouldn’t have been the same.
Everyone- And finally, thank you to everyone on the forums to take time to vote during each round of this. You guys are truly the best :slight_smile: .

Ok now to the battles-
NOTE- For this round, 1 edit was allotted to each competitor.
Voting will end on the 15th of September




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I haven’t watched Rosses yet, (nor have I voted)
ill get to that soon,
But I thought this was the Semi final not the final!
I’m worries now, As I didn’t film the tricks I essentially wanted to film for the final.
I always thought the final would be the last 2 people battling it off?!

Sorry but that wouldn’t bee too efficient

Well. I’m screwed then.

We’re good now :slight_smile:

Quick note- wilson’s new vid is up and if you voted before this post, i reset the vote counts so please re-enter your votes

Ahhh, such a close call! Qwertyo was consistent the whole time and I was wrapped with attention the whole way through, while azn some parts were like ehh but some parts were like WOAH… After some thought I decided on Azn because he did have those spots that were really awesome. Then I watched zigzag, he was pretty good too, and I was about to make my final decision on azn then… That ending! So… Yea I voted for zigzag :smiley:

Woah Ross. You have such a silky style!!!
Also, ZigZag. Your 1A is As Bomb as your 3a.
I dig it.

Glad to be the inspiration for something this cool. You’ve been running a great tournament. Hopefully this will become an annual thing!

Oh. And cool tricks you guys.

Same thing with the royale

great job aznnboyaZ i loved how you slowed down for this one and i think your far enough ahead to be declared winner. Zigzag that vid was great and the end was fantastic. As for me I was never too happy with this vid because every take I got perfect was lost due to either accidentally deleting or just forgetting to hit record, id like to think it still came out pretty good though. Thank you lefty and screw annual lets do this like quarterly.


Indeed man! And Slowing down, Changes my tricks drastically eh? :slight_smile:

And Zigzag did pretty sweet for 1 take!
Also, You are so smooth. I can’t seem to get over it. Seriously

dude we need to have a 3a battle!!! or colab :wink:

I need to see this…

Collab. Then. Battle. :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try to play 3A and 5A as much as I can.
I’m Still a tad rusty, going 3 months without 3A!

either way, this is gonna to be so much fun

Indeed it is!

We seem to have a tie for 2nd place right now…