OVER 1 year battle Round 1

Sorry for the delay, but school is approaching so I had some preparations to make. Anyway we are now on the official first round of the Over 1 year battle. However, almost half of the competitors were unable to submit, so we essentially skipped a round :stuck_out_tongue: . But thats fine, we still have 5 competitors so lets get this started. Vote for your top 3 and because a week was so long to see the results, i made it so that voting expires in a week, but you can see the results as long as you have already voted.






You are way too silky smooth.I Love it!

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PS Wilson, when you upload videos, turn off the “stabilize” option because it causes the background to shift around during the video

Thankyou xD

I’m probably going to be on the bottom top 3 haha

Thanks! I always love good feedback. I liked all of the videos especially iron man im kinda sad hes not getting many votes. Lefty you vid was great loved the new stuff. AznnboyaZ your vid was slick and i loved the binds you threw in. Zigzag yours was awsome but to tell you the truth i kinda forget how it went because i saw it when i voted this morning and havent been online since ill be back in a little with your feedback :wink:

Zigzag i love the earbuds tbey make the video other than tHose i poved the slacks the follow combo and the speed toward the end.

Dang! Your stuff was amazing wilson!!!

Why thankyou!
Whats great is, My better stuff is still coming!

Is it just me or does anyone else think ironman888 looks vaguely like Ty Goldman?

Maybe a little. I guess i see it.

whens the next round? :slight_smile:

And the rules for it

I’m SOOOO sorry for the delay, but school started and I didn’t want to fall behind during the first week of school. So yeah the rules for the final round is 2:00-2:15 minutes and ill give you guys 2 weeks to make this video because I want to see all you guys got. Good luck!

No edit right?

2mins no edits?
That is gonna take a while to get a perfect little routine…

For the record i really want edits even one or two just so we dont have do do a ton of takes.

I thought that 2 weeks was good enough but if you guys need it I’m allowing 1 edit


Thankyou :slight_smile: