Out of the past MiniMotus


WOW!!:exploding_head: That Al Brass Minimotu! Thanks, for sharing these, Doc!

By the way, you sound a bit like an annoyed Bill Murray who has just woken up.

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Just think… a Yoyojam that would never crack😳


You gotta send me a couple of minimotu rings, and I’ll make you one out of wood. :grinning:

The original Mini Mo-trix is by far still one of my all time favorite yo-yos @yoyodoc


Signature Cracks

I think at one point I had one of the bi-metal Mini Motu prototypes… I’ll have to look…

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Actually; I work with wood. I could do halves with; rozebra, Purple Heart, African rosewood, ebony, birdseye maple, etc.
… Or maybe just cut halves from clear poly or Delrin, or?
Just not compelled to do so at the moment.

Ps; The video was recorded on my Iphone X. I was in the kitchen; speaking in low tones because my girl was sleeping. What I found most interesting was the YouTube ‘audio’ came out sounding like the speed was slower? I almost just deleted it… But right before I did; I realized that so few people have ever heard my actual voice; that they would have no idea whether I actually sound like that or not; lololol.
I selected the standard YouTube recording quality. Maybe I should have chosen the higher quality option?
Thanks for pointing out how lame the audio is. You’re a pal.


Whoa, I feel a bit smaller now.

Serves me right for thinking I could make such an accomplished craftsman a yoyo. :flushed:

I’m pretty sure “you sound like an annoyed Bill Murray” is a compliment, man!

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I never said I was an accomplished craftsman.

But I have done a few yoyo related things…

Sounding like Bill Murray is a compliment. Sounding like an ‘annoyed’ anybody; is not a compliment.

My apologies. But you really did seem a little annoyed. :grimacing:

It’s really cool to see yo-yos like this, having missed everything yo-yo from 2000 through 2017. Thanks for making this vid!

That all metal Motu is BA! I wanna throw that thing!

I remember loving the clear motrix that I had, but hated the o-rings, this is before I knew how to do silicone recesses and what not.

But the minimotu is one of my favorite wheels of all time.

I would love to have gotten the all brass version. I have always loved mini throws.

Wow, agreed on that all metal Motu. What a unique piece.

My boast (you’re generous in sharing the video; I’m just bragging) is that my Mini Motu has flowable silicone in it and is uncracked. I still need to replace the cap I wrecked though.

“signature cracks” :joy:

That metal one does look so cool!

I’ve enjoyed the blue one I got from you!