Mini Mutu?

Can someone post like a review foor the mini mutu? I couldnt find one any where.

Since no one else has helped I will.

This is an old review but its a good one. No pics, just the review by Alex Wilden.

At first it was hard to get used to; it is an undersized yoyo if you didn’t know, and when i would catch it, i kept thinking it was going to disappear or something. I adjusted to it’s small size fast enough. This yoyo plays extremely well. It’s one of the many yoyos of the yoyojam line that have the large bearing, o-ring response. I take good care of it, the caps, shape, rings are too cool, the metal rings are oversized and those are like rims on cars, they make anything look 10x cooler. Anyways i love this yoyo so much i limit how much i play with it so i can savor how good it is. it’s that good. there’s an inner ring grind lip behind the caps, so if you want to do those, you will have to take off the cap. My only problem with that is that when i do inner ring grinds (which is kinda rare), the flesh of my thumb touched the inside of the yoyo. maybe i kind of have like a bassist thumb where my finger tips are kind of large? and there’s like 4 lips too, the one that holds the cap, the one that extends inward, and the one where the metal evens out and is flush with the plastic. well this yoyo plays amazingly well and feels very solid due to the metal rings despite the size. There’s better yoyos out there, or maybe it’s that i’m not used to $35 yoyos. get your mom to buy you one or something.

Durability: seems okay, it’s metal rings help with durability, but i take too good care of this yoyo to really see the extent of it’s strength

Shape: nice rounded shape compared to the original motu, more ‘modern’ shape as some call it (modern=black knight, and other stuff like that i can’t remember off the top of my head)

Weight: 62 grams, seems light, but it feels solid due to the small size

Response: o-ring, very smooth because of the weight distribution, so o-rings work well here

Smoothness (on the string): 9/10, it’s decent, i like it, the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10 is my own lack of skill

Value: it’s okay, considering it’s metal, and doesn’t that metal, plastic stuff need sonic welding to adhere to metal i think, i’d say it’s worth it

Rating (out of five stars): 4.5 stars