Hey, anyone have a review on this yoyo? It seems interesting. Any pics with it next to some ove yoyos please post!


well I went to redondo today and tried out one of those to see if it woulb be good for my brother
when I threw it there was a MASSIVE vibe. I tried grinding and it wouldnt fix the grind
yoshi said it was the throw but it wasnt and I just got a really bad impersion on them
so im not getting one anytime soon

Good review! I am not getting one.

Care to explain your reasoning behind that?

no, don’t believe them, my mini motu is my most played yoyo, it takes a beating every day, and is perfect, they probably just got a beat up one or something, mine is siliconed, which adds even more to the performance I take it everywhere and It hides dings nicely, and it fits in your pocket perfect.

some comparison pics

the 888 is widest by far, the mini motu is just a little skinnier than a G5

the mini motu has a little smaller diameter than a 888 and the G5 is much bigger in diameter

Haha-- Thanks for the pics! I have the g5 09 so I can compare. And was it just GM User or anyone else have the vibe problem? Any answer appreciated!


I have a Mini Moto but i put flowable silicon in it and it got in the bearing spot and it wont spin now but over all is a great yoyo before it happned :’( :slight_smile:

I would like to know why as well. I would trust the pro, because if he has that yoyo, and has played it more then you, I think he would know. It would be your throw - Each yoyo is different. I have to change my throwing technique for most of my yoyos.

well when I therew it there was a massive vibe
the he said it was the throw
when he tried throwing it it still vibed…a lot
i dont think he had the yoyo but he was selling it
but I dont know if he has thrown one or not
but I wouldnt risk getting one because of the vibe
but if you really want to go ahead…just dont say I didnt warn you if it vibes

Did you try the finger test to see if it was the yoyo?
And if so, please tell us what the finger test is, so we can really know if you arent just saying “yes” blatantly if you happen to do so.

Dont get me wrong, I am not accusing you of lying, I just want to be sure. I dont want to “rub you the wrong way” as DocRobot pits it :wink:

yes both me and yoshi tried the finger test and it still vibed

that thing probably just had something wrong with it

well there were two for sale and they both did the same thing
so I dont think there was something wrong with it

Vibe happens. It’s just a fact of the game.

I’ve never had a Motu with a vibe. In fact, I think they’re awesome players.

I have, however, taken a Hitman fresh out of the box that had a vibe so nasty you could have shattered concrete with it. Mind you, it was just one Hitman, but it happens. I actually keep this yo-yo just for demonstrating the finger test to people.

Maybe it’s a “materials” thing, or a quality control thing, who knows? Regardless, it occurs from time to time, so this may be legit. If a pro can’t throw it without a vibe, that’s a sign.

This doesn’t mean that they’re all like that, as they’re certainly not, but it would explain why he was trying to sell it. ;D

Sorry if this is off topic, (yes it is)but what is the finger test?

Where you touch your finger in the middle of the gap while its spinning to test and see for vibe/wobble.

Not a very good explanation, so if someone else could elaborate better, please do so :wink: