Dang Chief.

Have you been getting it on “horizontally” with your Chief? :o

I’m gonna have a nasty black eye.


I swear YYE should make a branded helmet for horizontal play. lol

Wait, no, it was a freak knee bind accident.

It tried to scalp you! Lol

Just wondering, how come it always hits at that spot? I got hit in the same spot. Always above the eye somewhere in the corner and never under. Or even my mouth.

Because it’s the same reflex “OH DUCK IT’S GONNA HIT ME” then bam, you get it in the temple.

Looking forward to seeing you on sunday, haha.

I don’t think a helmet is necessary. A bandana ought to do the trick without being too cumbersome.


Ouch!!!Thats why i practice with a plastic yoyo first!

Strange I have never hit myself with horizontal and I can do tricks.

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For me, it shot in the air and as it was coming down I moved to the side, causing it to hit me right next to my eye instead of the top of my head.

My worst was throwing full power with a knot around the bearing so it snapped back and hit me in the temple. So painful!!!

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Ouch! :o