I'm glad it was my OneStar...

and not any of my other yoyos that gave my likely first yoyo related black eye. I kept a Kitty String on for too long and the binds became super tight from the dirty string. I went to throw another breakaway and the yoyo only went halfway down before coming back up and hit me in my right eye. I almost lost my balance and fell, lol. I use to box when I was in my late teens and this hurt worse than any punch I’ve ever taken. I thought the yoyo hit me directly in my eye because I didn’t close my eyelid soon enough, but my eyelid is cut so I guess I did. Anybody else ever had a similar experience? It looked like Harrison Lee took one to the forehead in a video posted from worlds by a couple of members on this forum.

Yay! More vague titles! :stuck_out_tongue:

But you’re lucky it was a OneStar, and not something like a Dreadnought G. Imagine taking a blow from that to the face… Even worse, the BTH Shudder

You lucky it wasn’t something bad! Like a knife :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that. Did you guys notice that hit on Harrison Lee’s head?

Looked like when a cartoon character gets hit in the head and a huge bump rises.

Poor dude.

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Up until a few days ago my only yoyo-to-the-face accident was from my Onestar as well, and like you, I was glad it wasn’t anything else.

But then the other day my Chik grabbed on during a trick and lept up into my top lip. I’m so glad it didn’t end up going all ‘phat’ on me… it hurt.

The things we do for the love of the yo eh? =D

And they treat us so horribly. We deserve better.

They abuse us, but we keep coming back for more. Suckers for punishment is what we are…

never make a vague title like this. could have been said onestar face injury, what are yours?

but i took a metal zero to the face when it snagged on a very clean bind, didn’t expect a snag and my forehead didn’t like it either. this was also when i was waiting for a ride to a yoyo club.

in capitalist america, yoyo dings YOU!

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Did someone say there’s a video of that somewhere? I’m curios…

Either way, sounds painful.

I thought is was going to be about how his string broke and sent his yoyo flying into down town traffic… And ends with an old lady trying to exchange insurance information. Sorry ma’am, but yoyo’s don’t have insurance.

Anyways, I once hit my chin three times within an hour or so. Here’s a song for all of you:

Hey thank you for making the title for this something that actually grabbed my attention and made me read it. Sucks going through the forums all day and it is just this vs. that or help Im an idiot… People always get upset about the vague titles but guess what you had your interest peaked for a second which when you stop taking everything for granted for a little bit is actually a good thing. Oh and yes exact same thing, knotted breakaway throw caught half way up string , nose exploded. I also almost fell down , had to sit down and yeah I was able to swing back in fights, This was way worse than a single punch , i don’t think I would have been able to retaliate if I was convinced that the yoyo did it on purpose. But it said it was an accident so I let it slide…

Oh and I dont know how lucky I was that it was my freehand , that thing is pretty damn dense…

LOLOL so good ;D ;D ;D ;D

It’s not the video I was talking about, but you can go to CLYW’s Facebook and scroll down a bit until you see the video Harrison Lee made that wraps up Worlds in 10 minutes. Watch it if you want, if not then just fast forward to the end where he’s in the hotel lobby by himself and you can tell that it’s definitely from a yoyo.

Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the vague title to anybody who is offended. Just highlight over the vague title and you will see what the thread is about in the 1st sentence.

I hit myself in the arm with the BTH… I can’t even image hitting myself in the face/head…

You bought a BTH? Are you a millionaire or just like useless throws?

I missed a bind with my 888 and cut my eye lid a couple months ago.

Once I had a knot in my chief and did not know three a breakaway then it hit my eyebrow I had to get stitches and now I have a scar there

I just died xD