So smashed the dickens out of my leg last night fallen down the stairs of my good bishops house. So as I’m hurting today I thought I would throw out the question any one else hurting with some kind of owey. Let me know.

today there was a ditch in the soccer field and i hurt my knee pretty bad lol

I just fell in a spiky bush a few hours ago.

This happened last year, but I was in camp, and we were walking through the woulds. This kid pushed a branch of a thorn bush forward so he could get by, and he let the branch go. It slammed right into my face, thorns and all. It sucked.

Well this happened a while a go but I was horsing around with my brother and I banged my funny bone on a sofa it burned literally! It hurt for 2 days then was sensitive for a few months. Lesson learned: do not dive on a sofa pretending to be a soccer keeper even if it looks really soft.

P.S. @ the title lol.

I stubbed my toe this morning and only cried for 10 minutes!

Hit in the face with a soccer ball. The kid kicked it really hard. :stuck_out_tongue:


1.) Tie a 2-by-4 to a rope
2.) Tie the other end to a tree branch
3.) Stand on said 2-by-4
4.) Have an extremely large man push you
5.) Repeat step 4 until you are approximately 10 feet in the air
6.) Become scared, roughly until you pee yourself
7.) Attempt to jump off
8.) Fail at step 7 and bust you n**s on the 2-by-4
9.) Allow physics to cause you to do multiple flips
10.) Fall on you face, think you broke something, and have your friends leave you there

Feel free to repeat as many times as you like.

I’m pretty sure you’re pulling more than your “joey”

Crazy kids

But I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast… without any milk.

That’s like spongebob right? well I have been hit by a plastic ball, basketball and pencil case on the head. that hurts especially the plastic bal because someone kick it very hard and hit my face

Yesterday, I was playing with my brand new Titanium Sovereign and halfway through a double-or-nothing it binds as it comes around my left finger. Instead of flying over my head to my right finger - it smashes me in the temple with full force. OUCH!

Next thing I know, I am on the floor looking up at the ceiling. If it had been a boxing match - I would not have made the count.

You think that’s bad? Try getting hit over the head with a stack of almost-full sized dictionaries several days a week for an entire school year.