Other hobbies

I am not sure if there has been one of these threads before, but I decided to make one anyway.

Mine are gloving, cardistry, music, and shooting. I can do a few card magic tricks and a few coin tricks but I don’t consider magic a hobby of mine.

RC and a few MMORPGs.

I spread myself kind of thin. I produce music and write songs, cubing, some leather work, love electronic gadgets (gaming), and boxing covers it mostly. I also have an extensive collection of dolls/figures of musicians and music artists. A few of my best are the entire band Metallica in a box with a light up stage and all with their respective instruments. My Tupac doll is worth a lot too…but I have a LOT like Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eminem…almost anyone you can think of. I’m just looking for a way to display them properly here at home.

football music archery

gameing and origami

I’m kinda a one trick pony, I pick one hobby and obsess over it, yoyoing has kept my interest the most but in the past I cubed, do magic, and got really into yugioh.

Soon I’m going to start playing songs with floppy drives.

Racing nitro rc trucks, drumming, fishing, hunting, making ice fishing jigs, biking, running, and android hardware (like helping test roms and stuff)


cubing, well at least I used to.

Glowstringing, Diabolo, Kendama, Juggling, Astrojax, Tri, others flow toys.

Oh, Drawing.

I should probably add Archery. Super fun and Im quite good at it if I do say so myself.

Lacrosse, gaming, guitar, bass, singing, yoyoing, going to start messing around with a gyro/jitter ring, astrojax, working out, working on cars and engines, and wakeboarding ;D I have many hobbies

Oh cool, Gyro ring is super fun, I couldnt ever get good at it, but its fun to mess around with for sure.