Origins of Green Triangle

I was curious about the origins of Green Triangle and searched here but did not find much. I apologogize if I missed something. I found this and thought I’d share…


Been wanting @DocPop to do a Pop Cast with Paul Escolar on the history of the Green Triangle element for couple of years now.

I would like some more insight myself. Hopefully others will share.


Its only briefly mentioned in this documentary

Here is a clip of Paul and a SuperYo Renegade called Green Triangle;


Hey, thanks for posting that documentary. I had never seen it before and I am so glad I got to see it! :smile:


There is a @DocPop PopCast on the History of Seasick.


I think the green triangle has been around since the very early 2000’s. I remember at the 2006 national contest there was a green triangle contest behind the holiday in that everyone stayed at.


I have been planning on doing an episode with Paul for a while now, but it just hasn’t worked out. I’m still wanting to do it, but really was hoping to do it in person, which can’t be done until after this pandemic is over. Maybe I’ll reach out to Paul and see what he’d prefer: In person or over the skype.


@DocPop It would probably be cooler in person, cause you both could trick out together. When you do get to asking Paul Escolar about Green Triangle you might as well also ask him his thoughts on Red Triangles. Red Triangles don’t get as much love as some feel they are just fake Green Triangles. When did you discover Gondola? Would you consider this to be the first Red Triangle trick?

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I’m terrible with dates. This video is from 2007, but I think I’d already been doing Gondola before then. So maybe '05 or '06.
Was it the first red triangle? I don’t think so. The only thing that was really unique about Gondola was that it went one direction, dropped a string, then went back the other direction.


When I look back on it, landing my first triangle was like the first trapeze. so satisfying :slight_smile: It’s a great place to rest between ideas, at least for me.


Gt are awesome and thrs so many ways to get into em