Triangle Question


I haven’t posted in a while, still throwing all the time and such, just got busy when school started…
Anyway, my question is pretty simple and maybe dumb, but why are triangles… Green? This has seriously been plaguing my thoughts since I first heard the term green triangles.


I don’t know ask the guy who invented it!


Maybe he was in a field of grass.

Maybe the string was green.

Maybe he was congested.

No one knows…


Because green is an awesome color!


Just one of the many mysteries of the universe that only the Loch Ness Monster knows the answer to.


(Mitch) #6

Well there are other triangles too. I believe red triangles are the “Fake” gts. But who knows? Maybe it’s for the same reason three of Weezer’s albums are identified by color.


That would be along the same lines as asking why they call it “Skin the Gerbil”… i know i go thru a ton of money at the pet store doing that trick.


Paul Escolar named a lot of his tricks with that same pattern (White Buddha, Red Clover, etc). Supposedly he and Spencer Berry found a picture online of a bunch of pills with designs on them, and so Paul got the names for those tricks from that picture. One of the designs was a green triangle.


Yet another interesting piece of yoyo history


Ha, not once did it ever occur to me that the name could be derived from ecstasy but now that i think about it, it certainly does sound like the name of a pill.


Wow haha neat stuff. Thanks guys ;D